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back flips/gators & 1.5 bored one day at the crib
Tags: batsirayi zesaguli protojae helicopter tickin

pigeons in the attic... i have birdies in my room, hiding under my bed, diving near my head... and one can just almost hear the pigeons in my head. pigeons in the attic...i have birdies in my
Tags: poem poetry illustration pen ink pigeon pige

I have been taking pictures for years, I love animals, travel, music, reading and SCUBA diving... I have decided to share my work finally and am trying to get my new business off the ground
Tags: ocean animal portrait pet travel nature unde

Getting suited up to go scuba diving at St Thomas
Tags: water swim beach diving scuba

Nothing is more inviting than diving off of the dock into the bay
Tags: Water docks

A Red Shoulder Hawk diving right at me as I was taking the picture
Tags: Red Shoulder Hawk Diving

In 2008 I filmed the scuba footage as well as the
Tags: Captain Marvin's Stingray City Tours snorkeling scuba diving

Otis the Basset Hound diving towards his toy
Tags: Dog Basset Hound

While trying to get the ducks to eat the bread, the seagulls started diving for the bread
Tags: birds flying feeding

The dream was vivid, lifelike in all details. I could feel myself flying-soaring and diving and the wind rushing across my face! Suddenly, I was awakened and jarred back to reality by a tapping
Tags: Weije osprey bird houses tables turned

This was taken while diving near the Solomon Islands. I love that you can see his little teeth
Tags: animal nature underwater fish ocean sealife

A Diving Duck
Tags: duck

I was diving near Koko Head on the island of Oahu and he came out to say, "aloha
Tags: Scuba diving sea life

Hawaiian green sea turtle.
Tags: Scuba diving turtle hawaii

Three minute safety stop with divemaster Wendy
Tags: Scuba diving hawaii

Sea shell near Koko Head.
Tags: Scuba diving Hawaii

Sea urching with extra sharp spines.
Tags: Scuba diving Hawaii

Another safety stop
Tags: Scuba diving Hawaii Adventure

Turtle heading for the light
Tags: Hawaii scuba diving turtles

Amazing, graceful animals under water, not so much
Tags: Hawaii scuba diving turtles