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Short Story on life in my home with children~
We start this story with bloody skates....for you who are blah on blood DON"T READ!!!!! I hear in the back of my apartment a rumble then a rail road of a train sound it gets louder and louder
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Just a quick skit on the whole Don Imus thing. Hope you like
Tags: Don Imus Rutgers funny current events

Building: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33795387/?qo=8&q=office+building+stock&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5 by don-sarcasmo-stock.deviantart.com Splatter: http
Tags: digital art gun femme fatale black murder bl

Promotion for album sales

, they don’t wanna say goodbye They don’t wanna fade away They don’t wanna go away It’s the only thing to stop the memories Memories There’s a place, orange groves As far as I can see Without
Tags: acoustic song goodbye songwriter

O.G. Set-Trip
Tags: 7879

The Best Spanish Hip Hop Rapper...He is 100% Ameri
Tags: El Presidente The Spanish Don Memin El Pinguin Steve Leary

The Black Spanish Raper
Tags: El Presidente The Spanish Don Memin El Pinguin Steve Leary

Baladas del Presidente
Tags: El Presidente The Spanish Don Memin El Pinguin Steve Leary

don leezy singing
Tags: r&b artist

don leezy singing fallin
Tags: r&b singer

of my things is to see how quickly I can get them to forget I needed help getting up on stage. One of the guys who helped me up was the irrepressible Don Steinmetz
Tags: Stu Baker stand up comedy comic Irvine Improv

ladies bounce it like a ball, just don let it fall
Tags: beat 4 sale

A previously unreleased Swinging Johnson Brothers
Tags: action comedy fight blood curbing stomp ninj

this 1 pic is done by me b4 ...mm.. don rmbr... its a simpl sketch..done wit pen..in 15 mins.. i think ... i know it isnt proportionate ...but stil i like it.. its witot refrnc :) pls leav ur
Tags: art

, then he should be liable for any violence children may commit after listening to it.” “These whacked out parents don’t understand the mentalities and the emotional needs of their own children, said Newt

not -- half-echoed by Don Juan Lagarto as he leaned over the door of his ‘37 StutZootrope and hissed back at the dodo, “Maybe not, bird-boy!” In a collapsing ellipse of thought Geaudeux suddenly
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

the turtles
Tags: tmnt turtles turtle the leonardo mic leo raph don donatellow