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poem about war.
I dont have the passion to kill anymore One more tear from my eye As I fall to the ground and die
Tags: poetry war poem art

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
. Two or three weeks into the semester, I entered one of these classrooms (I dont remember which subject). I sat down in my seat and watched the free-for-all, as I pulled out my homework. This class
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

This is another one I wrote, just ended up coming
Tags: guitar accoustic

photoshop. dont laugh
Tags: meg jack meet

I dont know i like
Tags: Gotheyelinerdemonicscarygirlbigbadwolfie

This is a picture of the ocean upside down, but dont let me telling you that affect what you think
Tags: ocean trippy weird sunset galaxy space

Something that took a long time to draw but dont know what
Tags: trippy psychadellic weird skelleton knotwork

A piece that took 3 months to finish and has the the craziest story behind it. just dont want to type it all
Tags: graveyard hill tree cemetery crypt church

Ok so i got drunk and a picture was taken of me. dont hate. any of you
Tags: muscle beer drunk fun whoa dang

Another shot of the sea. it wasnt purple to begin with so please dont ask. san diego, ca
Tags: ocean wave odd akward wtf mate

another old school of me, some beginning stuff, I still like it though, it catches that beginning chapter of a Good Boy! I dont know!!! LOL
Tags: A song about me!

dont think any less of me
Tags: recruitment army military sasquatch

'im so gothic i shit bats' im not gothic or in any way amused by being a satan worshiper. dont worry
Tags: batman goth weird folklore angel demon

I love drawing things that dont exist
Tags: me

Tags: artsy

A friend of mine called me up the other day and as
Tags: guns fashion

recording as usual is bad, coz we dont kno hoooow!! help
Tags: Times Like These Urban Battalion Foo Fighter

Don't save a word you'll wish you should've said,
Tags: song don't be shy

could never find any and I dont know how to play piano..... so it is just silent. Enjoy
Tags: Car Trouble Keys dead hooker silent film