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Something that took a long time to draw but dont know what
Tags: trippy psychadellic weird skelleton knotwork

Playing outside wiith some sidwalk chalk, with my daughter Colleen. Wanted to draw something that I could take a photo of. Then, This is what I came up
Tags: Hippie Shrooms Mushroom Sidewalk Chalk

Salvidor Dali painted a man with a bone in his head. I tried to draw something like it, but added a few other components
Tags: couple puke drawing head portrait hermaphrodi

I had to add something new, so a friend of mine agreed to let me draw her. Done in #2 pencil
Tags: Art Drawing charcoal pencil

Trying a new technique out here. I laid out my linework in Biro (for some reason I just find it easier to draw in biro) then used Photoshop to erase my construction lines and shading, before
Tags: manga

While I trying to find something to draw while on my San Jose State University campus I saw these two squirrels that were fighting over some nuts...one of them didn't want to share...I hope you like
Tags: Painting squirrels sharing forest

I wanted to draw something new today, with colour, but as i havent yet bought any pencils,ive improvised with what i did have...various shades of green, blue and gold eye make up pencils and powder
Tags: fish

Said. She Said To "Draw Something That Relates To Finding The New World, Or Somethign That Related 2 The Words '3 Worlds Meet'" And i Draw Sonic And Shadow.. Lol. Ppl Was Tellin Me All Day "Wow
Tags: Sonic vs Shadow The Hedgehog Cartoon Charact

dying tree sun moon hart lost
Tags: something i like to draw

IT something fables to draw
Tags: WOW!!

different talents and gifts and we are all each called to do something different, but we each have the same goal. :) These heros are the light unto the world. Notice how they "shine" above the city
Tags: Christian super hero comic Jesus God Christ

Just something I drew when I was at skool. I was think about everything that happin to me that month and I wanted to draw it out I just didn't know how
Tags: Life nel9784 anime comic

This is my anubis, I have changed something of the original art. Do you liked
Tags: Anubis ragnarok game games draw monster art best drawing work

I didn't finish it yet, but don't worry, I shall finish it soon. She is a Ninja of the game Ragnarok, I have changed something of the original art too
Tags: Beautful Girl Ragnarok Draw art game games sexy best drawing work anime

It's a Mvp, a monster of Ragnarok, I have changed something of the original art, do you like
Tags: Garm Monster Ragnarok Draw art game games best drawing work

Chuckey,not the greatest subject for a drawing,but i wanted to see if i could actually draw a doll and make it look like a doll instead of something human.It was'nt easy,and of course in my eyes i
Tags: imagination art

A story about a man who finds himself contesting w
at his mind that there was something hed lost in the maze that he had to find. and he moved forward, not knowing what lay before him. It struck him that maybe the sense of having lost something
Tags: Coma maze labyrinth puzzle

also had some to do with it as well. The comic of Rune is about one nation from 4 different planets fighting on planet Rune for the planet's valuables. Me and Nathaniel loved to draw these comics
Tags: Dune 2000 computer game Red Alert 2 Command

You're seriously considering getting your own tatt
-professional to draw your design, your tattoo artist would still need to create the stencil. By engaging the tattoo artist from design through to inking, you are doing everything to ensure your
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

So you've been looking at girl tattoo pictures. Yo
wings, are small and much more cute. In the end they pretty much resemble humans in their face and body shapes. Therefore an experienced tattoo artist could easily draw just about any expression
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly