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While driving through Oklahoma, strange clouds began to form and the rain began to pour; we were doing our best to drive away from it all
Tags: jannirainrunningphotographyjannihead

Yes I was driving when I took this one, lol... No
Tags: reflection of a sunday drive

On my drive home last evening I had to stop for this one. (7-13-09
Tags: sunset round valley

Out on a drive today, 7-24-09 I saw this little wooden wagon, to cute of a shot to pass up, even tho it was in someones yard
Tags: mini wooden wagon

I love the drive to Round Valley Reservoir... I call this "My Corner", I love to photograph it, as it is always changing season by season, Fall is truly the most colorful season here... This was last
Tags: my corner dogwood bloom

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. This was taken just off the road, in someones yard. The deer were out thick today. Ya gotta drive slow in mountains, esp. around the apple trees, you are sure
Tags: so deer

This big guy is always around when ever I drive down this road. There is a fairly large herd that stays in this general area. 10-21-09
Tags: The Buck

On a drive around Indian Valley, this is part of a much larger herd of deer
Tags: herd deer landscape

just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

on my drive to MI early one morning, the fog was low and beautiful during the sunrise
Tags: landscapefoggolden huessunrise

drive around town
Tags: S.Staley

Looking In the Mirror is my image song. of my drive to succeed I was looking in the mirror and realized what you see is what you get no more makeup and custume just Ms sassy singing her heart out! I
Tags: rock

Whale Soundz & Rain Clouds, Screamin' Alive, Funky Groove & You Can Drive
Tags: Thumpin' Funky UpBeat Jamz

over, signaled to the car coming that there was a turtle in the road and I intended to pick it up, so that he could just drive around the turtle. Instead, he runs it over right in front of me
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle

I drive for a living and I got tickets
Tags: mark christopher music

Comedians Chris Kanik and Josh Spear drive all over the country to track down the elusive Tom from MySpace. Tom is played by John Griggs
Tags: finding tom myspace john griggs

this is a metal cut out i did for the country sing
Tags: metalpainting

So anyway, it should be clear by now that I have a
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint

Another kind of inside story about a girl
Tags: giff