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another vector illustration.
Tags: abstract vector female woman purple

Ice Droplets on a pine tree
Tags: winterice pine tree snow photo

Water droplets hanging from a spider's web
Tags: Water droplets spider web

Water droplets collected in a spider's web
Tags: Water droplets Spider web

Drops of water. Taken in Downtown Dunedin, Florida
Tags: Dunedin Florida water fountain

droplets of water on my banana plant
Tags: macro

To me the water droplets on this web look like garland oe might see one a Christmas tree
Tags: web drops macro nature

A ladybug with water droplets on it crawling on a stalk of oats
Tags: ladybug macro oats nature bugs lady bug

falling through a shallow layer of clouds. When this happens, supercooled droplets in the lower clouds freeze. The resulting heat of fusion (latent heat released when freezing occurs) warms the air
Tags: Fallstreak Hole Weather Sunset Clouds Sky Pe

Water drops after a summer rain on lilies.
Tags: water droplets macro

Tags: black and white droplets

Photo of wet leaf
Tags: leaf water water droplets

A rainy evening in April, the sunset was extremely
Tags: rain waterdrops droplets car mirror reflection evening sunset

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
. It was a plain 4 story brick building with parking lots designated for student use. I got out. Oddly enough, It was raining now. They where small droplets that I couldn't have noticed hitting the windshield
Tags: story twilightish stuff

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
people through the normal vectors the virus can be transmitted when someone touches something that is contaminated and the puts it in his eyes, nose, or mout. It's even airborne as microscopic droplets
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
infection is to avoid close contact with sick people. Remember germs can also be transmitted by air though microscopic droplets that are released when a person coughs or sneezes. Standing around sick
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

An emotional poem about a lonely and depressed gir
Slice,Slice,Tear,Drip Slice, slice, tear, drip The sharp razor glides across my skin Ruby-red blood pours out The droplets create a small pond Too many times to count My tears have now turned red
Tags: Poem Feelings Emotions

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
good news, my love. Charity nodded. All is as it should be, then? Youve brought me the amulet? With another nod, Charity reached into her garments and withdrew the pendant. Droplets of Stellaniss
Tags: Short Story

A short story I wrote for a friend.
, small droplets of rain hit against Vanessa and Jolt's heads and their books that were being carried in their sluggish and fatigued arms. Getting to a three way intersection, the friends made
Tags: Vanessa Horror Death