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Our man on the street Rick takes on Chicago's air
Tags: comedy interview video sketch skit funny humor snl stupid dumb

Me && my friend Narvie doin what we call "Shootin
Tags: the front 5the front fiveyoung franchizenarvienarv rossrichbattleshootin the breezerich tha rulerrandomfunnydumb funnyboredboardskybridge

I was messing around with my friends camera, and we where being dumb and serious at the same time and... This picture was take in the process of making my eyes grow in to a wow expression
Tags: appealed

Alright, so I don't know the point of this. Well m
Tags: just blah laura dumb

a song i wrote. thins one is dumb but funny about how far i went with a simple guitar part
Tags: rock alternative

Makin a dumb face
Tags: kylie

Nuff Said
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

i don't kno smily face and hearts on my face. and
Tags: wat?

umm lets never speak of this again lol
Tags: i look dumb dont i

calm and doesn't drink... someone like Penny Robinson... Ha! I feel funny. Also, The name actually came from a name I made up. First, this song was called "Move It," but that sounded to dumb
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports comic nascar

as are: Ben Mullins: This is my regular voice... because it's me. :P Doov Groove - The silly one who is somewhat knowledgeable about things, but still considered "dumb." You may find his picture in some
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube

! All the vocals are me, but I voice act like I'm an australian singer named Phil Marshall and another dumb dude named Doov Groove. I'm not going to go into detail with the band! Just read the info on my
Tags: Life Living Live On dreams hopes The Doovie

This is a CURST track and features: Josh Mosher
Tags: Brent Nicholas

i like taking random pics *lol*
Tags: me

to want more? Why do they seem to want to own the world itself? Bridge: Why do they want it all? (repeat) ...dumb bridge, eh? :P
Tags: Rich versus vs Poor Poverty help inner beau

this verse) Can't you see that I'm sorry as a sad little kitten Who don't know where he can find his mittens! (see how dumb?) I promise, it won't happen again, So sorry! Bridge: Hey! I'm
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic the bad guy Doovie

and the saxophone and trombone player... sometimes trumpet too... rarely. He's the one that makes the band goofy! He sometimes lets farts during the middle of some songs, he acts dumb during the songs
Tags: cartoon band goofy crazy stupid funny silly comic dumb random The Beatles Doobie Brothers

my ex sold it though. he' s a dumb ass
Tags: i love old cars

It's funny and kind of dumb but that's what makes it funny
Tags: funny and entertaining

Some of my humorous writing. Or atleast the attemp
3 Little Pigs Once there were three little pigs All as different as could be One, was smart, another dumb The last footloose and fancy- free One day they all decided "It's cross-country we must go
Tags: Poetry Humorous