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This entire cluster was about the size of my index finger
Tags: white wild flower macro

Having started my guitar playing as a classical guitarist, it's not surprising that some of my earlier compositions were "classical" sounding. I even set out to compose an entire "Guitar Suite". Well
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

Having started my guitar playing as a classical guitarist, it's not surprising that some of my earlier compositions were "classical" sounding. I even set out to compose an entire "Guitar Suite
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

This is the first segment of my National Lampoon Radio Interview with host, Kevin Couch. For the entire three segments, go here to listen: http://www.myspace.com/normajeancomedy
Tags: National Lampoon Radio Noram Jean Comedian Actr

I had taken this self portrait about a year or so ago...In a way, this photo has a lot of meaning to me. I had been a very overweight girl my entire life....I had lost the weight after I graduated
Tags: self portrait body self confidence worth

The most beautiful baby girl in the entire world!!!!!!! Funny, entertaining, precious
Tags: Blue EyesGirl Baby Gorgeous Blue eyed girl in

This is a slideshow of my entire portfolio at this time
Tags: Cynful Kaysie Fyre Kaysie beautiful butt dmx

absolutely certain about all things -- like winning the race AND Cordelia -- Geaudeux knew he would have spent his entire life in restless agony, fearful of losing his way at every turn. But since anything
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

This an original single composed by the entire band and copyrighted in 2008. It's showcases our heavier side, in the extreme
Tags: song new counter band child shotgun killer

This is a very big painting of the Gravedigger Monster Truck with a portrait of my friend's son in the driver's seat. The entire half of his room was painted monster truck theme and some other of his
Tags: painting portraits animation

After a morning of shooting the beautiful Colorado fall, I noticed this image lying right besides my car door. I shot a few frames; it was the best image from the entire morning
Tags: Aspen leaf in fall

always been a universal language of expression when spoken words were insufficient to express thoughts,emotions and consciousness."- the photographer. Note: A link to the entire collection
Tags: histoeric photography art photograhyatrty agen

as the massacre of the entire Salvadoran town of El Mozote: 900 men, women and children (50% of the dead were children under the age of 12.) A Freedom Of Information request obtained by School Of The Americas
Tags: politics School Of The Americas

My father-in-law took this geranium inside for the winter. We thought sure it would die anyway's, but come spring it started to bud and was a beautiful geranium in full bloom for the entire summer
Tags: bud flower macro

This I started the second "Here's My Card" was done. I am also extremely proud of this one. I listened to the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack by Danny Elfman the entire time I painted this. I really
Tags: Edward Scissorhands I'm Not Finished K.D. Ne

I was lucky to get this shot! The day before, in downtown Miami, they had demolished this entire block of buildings, yet hadn't completely brought down the pink building. Just as I took the shot
Tags: Raven Landing deconstruction twilight mysterio

E-Fest at Sarasota, Florida, USA
Tags: candid camera portrait lady woman image efes

~The only one I found like this in the entire area I was hiking, strange it was cold and snowy~ Beautiful bloom though
Tags: flowersmacrobeauty

As the storm rolled out and the sun set deeper, the shades of pink and red grew even richer in color! I took about 50 photo's of the entire event...each one filled with beautiful shades of pink
Tags: pink red sunset winter trees clouds awe insp

. In this role, as the lead....You must have confidence and You must be able to carry the entire play in (seven of nine scenes), there are a few romantic scenes, but nothing crossing the line. If You
Tags: Acting