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A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
God Bless the mentally Ill... God bless the mentally ill as they live a life of trials, It's a roller coaster of everyday good & bad... Never being solved. For their lives are full of hurt & pain
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

poem about war.
Why am I here in this begotten land Left my family and my love Everyday I pray to the god above Get me out of this spiritless war
Tags: poetry war poem art

and no sorrow in my eyes. For tomorrow's memories fill my heart. For tomorrow's memories only start. There's new song for each morning. And my life is just beginning everyday
Tags: illustration art drawing painting song he lo

A decent recording from back in the day circa 2000
Tags: Janie Grey Live

Well, this song is about the people in the streets. For the everyday people I meet, this one's for you
Tags: patrick bondoc faceless

especially my frens said it totally different that what they seen everyday, happy bcoz of that.. some how this picture look like model for make up oroduct, so i just upload here n hope to share with u
Tags: Smile

This is my darling friend. We have chats in this spot just about everyday. She says she's relieved that someone can see her and hear her story
Tags: Clairvoyent Psychic Ghost

Halloween 1999
Tags: Halloween

This is a song dedicated to the performing artists of the world, and to the inspiration they provide for us all. Despite the personal tragedies and the everyday hardships they face, they continue get
Tags: songwriter song jazz pop original acoustic i

Sexy, Provocative yet 'Girl Next Door'. An everyday kinda girl
Tags: Jewellery Risque Beautiful

Your everyday Amsterdam scene...Endless rows of bikes
Tags: bikes amsterdam black and white

Everyday is a struggle and things are getting a harder by the hour. This song is a reminder no matter how bad things get to aim higher
Tags: Black-Coda

This is my favorite type of bird. this guy would fly by our house everyday while we were on vacation. This time I was lucky enough to have the camera with me when he did
Tags: Outer Banks

Everyday we are bombarded with all kinds of stress, emotions and pressures. While some of it trivial, over time it can build up, and can often display on our face as we go about our everyday life
Tags: graphic design art depression sadness emotion

. This piece is designed to express this. The bright colours of material possessions that surround our everyday life contrast dramatically with the blank and unassuming hand that we use to create our own world
Tags: art concept studio design meaning life lifes

both the finished art and also the canvas. Using skin-safe, nontoxic tempera paint, his subjects, all “everyday” (yet extraordinary) women – not models – who range in age from 18 to 60, paint

how i ride everyday
Tags: how i ride everyday

Don't I look stunning
Tags: Catalog. Beauty

Comic Strip about life's everyday adventures
Tags: Comic Strip Cartoon funny humor

Comic Strip entailing everyday happenings
Tags: Comic Strip Cartoon funny humor