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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
again....Hmmm...maybe I should open the door, it may clean out the house then I could just open my front door and wash that mess right out of my house....ROFL!!!! :D I see brownie mix everywhere around
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Mi'Nu & Mi'Now again , coming to earth! "MADE EVERYWHERE ON MOTHER EARTH" We All started the same way...we are all the same in many ways! Let's stop fighting people! I believe where
Tags: SPERM ART Sperm Designer Bethann Shannon Smiley

UK artist, that is causing a major buzz everywhere
Tags: real uk rajahru malik

Faeries play hide-go-seek among the flowers. But it's kind of difficult to stay hidden when rainbows follow you around, everywhere you go
Tags: Mathew Titus Faery Faeries fairy flowers Nemm

This is a sample of my copyrighted/patented work. Meet the Bimblebears. My goal hopefully is to soon see these lil' guys available to children everywhere
Tags: acrylic painting bears animation children cart

Went for a walk down a walking trail and we climbed to the top of a huge hill and this bee wouldnt leave her alone..Followed her everywhere
Tags: photography child girl sky kid people kid y

An area near my friend's house. The old world fern was everywhere. It's so pretty yet it kills the trees. A shame really
Tags: old word fern pine tree

"All hers everywhere, everytime, for all time...(dead-birds)" 2008 A4 canvas board Given as a gift to the artists Suzi
Tags: pheelix felix phelix feelix melbourne street

I probably wouldn't have painted Looking to the Future if I hadn't moved to Philadelphia with my studio two blocks from Independence Hall. History is everywhere the Liberty Bell, Washington Square
Tags: Philadelphia Philadelphia artist Artist Painte

Along the way begs you to look down sometime, at the path you walk on. There is beauty everywhere. This is an acrylic on deep edge box canvas. It remains in my personal collection, but prints
Tags: art painting earth landscape nature stones p

painting inspired by the allman brothers
Tags: painting

In Alabama when the the cotton blooms, wisps of cotton float through the air and land everywhere. While I was walking down by the river, I came upon this tuft of cotton that had formed a perfect
Tags: nature unexpected love

This picture was taken with my camera with me in the pic. I was funding a wheelchair for the little boy in the picture who has cerebral palsy. He was about 8 and his parents carried them everywhere
Tags: northernvietnamasiavillagesmedicalmissiongoo

3 pc set. Life is the flowers and vines growing everywhere. The obstacles are the things that get in the way of life, which we work around each day
Tags: Abstract Art

The sky cracks everywhere, shattering into fragments that leave behind the figure of an apocalyptic rider. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008 art photogr

This is my buba jarn and i. She goes everywhere i go, including the bathroom
Tags: My

To help children everywhere. From my CD NeferNefertiti. Queen Found
Tags: NeferNefertiti

This is my baby, my best friend.....goes everywhere with me...kind of like a shadow. His favorite thing to do is play ball, which is fun until he gets tired and I have to do the fetching. lol
Tags: pet poodle dog

Amber Mowing the yard with snow everywhere
Tags: Snow Mower mow lawn winter

In the Summer me and my friend would take sharpies everywhere to draw pictures on picnic tables
Tags: markers