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. I am not unrealistic, because I have had positive feedback even when I was writing just for the fun of it (& to exercise those demons..lol
Tags: writing screenwriting poetry scripts teleplays

This was done using a limited palette... 2-colors--venetian Red and Thalo Green, plus white. It was a great exercise, and successful in it's results. Something I would recommend, and should do more
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

A Favorite song of mine by Lee Ann Rimes. I love the vocal exercise it gives with that wide range of notes
Tags: Blue Rimes Maraya Country

Class exercise to draw small areas of the model on to a gridded paper then select a few and play with it. Sections of the drawing were enlarged and rearranged to make this finished charcoal
Tags: Charcoal contemporary

Description In my Life Drawing class we
Tags: Drawing graphite Life Class self portrait

An exercise to draw three views of the human skull for Life drawing class. charcoal and pastel pencil on brown Kraft paper
Tags: Charcoal pastel pencil skull

An exercise to draw three views of the human skull for Life drawing class. charcoal and pastel pencil on brown Kraft paper
Tags: Charcoal pastel pencil drawing skull halloween

The idea and inspiration for this comes from Barry Huggins and Ian Probert's book on advanced PS techniques. I did this as a training exercise...Weije
Tags: Weije art graphic design toes and shoes = THOES

An exercise for one of my many drawing classes. Conte Crayon on Toned Paper
Tags: Turtle Skull conte crayin brown paper

Quick sketch exercise. Pencil
Tags: Pencil

Quick sketch exercise. Pencil
Tags: Pencil

This was a class exercise (PSU) from 1993. Oil on canvas. Different objects were on top of a stage in the middle of the room. I really wanted to capture the boot. I hope that you like it. Thank you
Tags: Oil on canvas

After spending fifteen minutes in your exercise yard the size of a small bathroom, you are escorted and shackled your way back to your cell where you will spend the rest of the day with very little
Tags: prison jail gaol cells dark depressing Melbo

with a balance of exercise and healthy diet. I set goals that I strive to achieve to the best of my ability with a positive attitude
Tags: PrintRunwayTelevisionModelActor

this shoot was more like an exercise. ashley and i had some vague ideas and tried them in this setting. the results were staggering
Tags: n/a

Exercise for photo class
Tags: macro flower

Fun little exercise from art class, started out as a circle and a line.. all the rest was my imagination. Oil pastel on paper 8 1/2 x 11
Tags: abstract alien

At 240 RPM, the body is being exposed to almost 20 Gs at one foot from the central axis of rotation... This is an extreme form of physical exercise... Spinning exercises all body parts
Tags: spin spinning artificial gravity G-Force Centrifuge exercise

Shows how much we use that treadmill.
Tags: Treadmill Exercise Television Black and White Shadows

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
normally. Wake up early, have a good breakfast, get plenty of exercise, and fill your day with activities you enjoy doing. By not falling into a depression it will make it much easier to get back with your
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre