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The frontcover from the Picture Book The Four Sea
Tags: fairy fantasy picture book watercolor recycle paper nature tale

the tale of the girl and the frog prince...hand drawn illustration scanned and finished in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon drawing frog fairy tale

36 x 48" oil on pastel
Tags: fantasy dream fairy tale castle landscape abstract expression architecture

This was my first attemp at painting anything. I
Tags: Swan magical colorful

, senseless, and solitude, The star will live through in this darkness. Everything is born and returned to eternity. Somewhere in this everlasting universe, There was a new star created. A fairy
Tags: Digital Collage

A girl playing the harp with the help of an angel
Tags: Girl Harp angel rapunzel fairy-tale fable lyric music

First in a series of Fairy Tale Illustrations (still a concept - not sure if I'm happy with how it turned out
Tags: childrens book illustration fairy tale rapunzel

I wrote Fairy Dust Wishes based on a feeling that many of us as adults reach at one moment in our lives...we want to re-live our Child-hood or we dream of a new Childhood :)!! Enjoy
Fairy Dust Wishes Life is often a Challenge, combined with the good & the bad. So, why does it more often, appear that some are more sad? To peer out in the darkness, toward the sparkle in the sky
Tags: Fairy Fairy Tale Wishes Star Dreams

Done in photoshop
Tags: Princess Aroura Disney Movie Cartoon Fairy Tale Trace Tracie

I discovered these little red mushrooms in my backyard and thought they looked like fairy-tale mushrooms
Tags: mushroom red fungi nature

My number one job with couples is helping them fin
and effort into it that is needed and they in result break up. 1) Just like Hollywood Many think that they have the fairy tale and their relationship is going to last forever. However this is not a reality
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

A near poem. Words with a dreamy meaning. A castle
It was a magnificent castle. Though covered in ivy, you could still catch glimpses of its dark grey stone through the leaves. It was almost like one from a fairy-tale, apart from the overgrowth
Tags: castle writing words magnificent amazing beau

Hill in a swamp.
Tags: gothic fairy tale swamp color

Tags: Fairy Tale dark child

The narrative reads: 'Many a young water-splasher
Tags: mixed media fantasy anthropomorphic zootopia mermaliens fairy tale

I have been working on a couple Twisted Fairy Tales and Children's book stories. This is one
Tags: Fairy Tale Pencil Sketch GoldieLocks

The first and my personal favorite of my Fairy Tale Series
Tags: Red Riding Hood Pencil Sketch Fairy Tale

The second of my Fairy Tale pictures
Tags: Miss Muffet Fairy Tale Sketch Pencil

Little Red Riding Hood. Inspired by the artwork of
Tags: fairy tale little red riding hood wolf

Autor: A.W.E. Music: "Sun wakes in Japan"(A.W.E.
Tags: A.W.E.