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chorus (and 3rd), you can hear me trying to keep from laughing. That was because I heard the fart before I recorded me singing it. :) I find gas amusing, when most people don't! If you want to make
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

music has a fart in it somewhare (not all). If it bothers any of you, I can take them off. They just make me laugh and put me in such a great mood when I feel bad. So anyway, this is Live
Tags: Life Living Live On dreams hopes The Doovie

... sort of! :P I really like this song! And about the fart at the beginning, that's just The Doovie Brothers for you! Ignore that if you wish. :P Chorus: Michelle, you're the love of my life
Tags: love song lovesong comic cartoon silly goofy

This is from a dumb recording I made with me and m
Tags: silly stupid nonsense non no sense stupid point pointless idiotic Santa Claus The Tick San-Tick Show comedy fart

Yea... made this using the track Clay Wilson sent
Tags: gas simple mary had a little lamp song fart bathroom humor

Here is the complete, and frequently updated playl
Tags: belcher crank prank improv sharpton roseanne stern colmes radio fart punked

A Thanksgiving special by me and Clay Wilson. All are MIDI instruments... besides the fart. :P I imagine a jolly turkey dancing around, then gets shot in the sad emotional section. Then in the fast
Tags: thanksgiving holiday turkey dance chicken jol

this book is about 100 ways to stay classy and fab
much better about yourself. Rule 89: When you cough, yawn or sneeze - cover your mouth, excuse yourself & sanitize your hands. Rule 90: Dont burp or fart, thats disgusting. But if you must, make
Tags: classy& fabulous

. He'll catch your heart. (Dube) And I gotta fart. Chorus 1 (Duf): So so so so handsome. He's so so so so handsome. Verse 2: (Dube) Bologna with cheese, mayonnaise, and bread and bread Taste
Tags: goofy silly stupid dumb funny cartoon song fart flart voice acting