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This young Gold Crowned Sparrow is getting it's fi
Tags: sparrow feed sunflower dry

I think this guy thought I was going to feed it. It wouldn't take it's eyes off me
Tags: eye see you horse general

Another new bird to me... and yes, it did feed from the hummingbird feeder it's perched on. Taken through the kitchen window. Taken in Fallon, Nevada
Tags: bullock's oriole nature new bird to me

Taken in San Antonio
Tags: fish

day from Russia to this little town to load in 500 tons of frozen, packaged fish fillets and fly them back to the restaurants and dining rooms of Europe. The daily cargo could feed the little town
Tags: kombizz fish Darwin's Nightmare Mwanza Tanzani

/bethannshannon, www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com or GOOGLE ME : Bethann Shannon , The Art Angel, The Sperm Lady...Enjoy...FEED BACK WELCOME! PEACE
Tags: smiley spermsmiley sperm stress balls smiling sp

Live feed to birthday party we couldn't attend in Savannah GA due to another engagement
Tags: Happy BirthdaySweet 16Celebration

My friend asked me to feed and water his birds while he was away. Sounds easy enough, right
Tags: Cat Birds Denver Risley Photography cage

This song is something that I did last year for benefit to help feed children. It was great for the venue
Tags: Sway David Todd Singleton Latin Music dancin

A wild signet. I befriended the family of swans and could eventually hand feed the parents and five signets. Photo taken with Panasonic Lumex camera
Tags: nature birds swan england photography

In the spring Rays school together in large groups and feed in the shallow waters of Tampa bay,Fl
Tags: Nature Imagery

Origin: Islands of Indonesia pollen, fruits In the wild, lories feed on nectar, pollen, fruits, and the occasional insect. All lories have a tongue that is specially adapted with a brush-like tip
Tags: bir birds flowers fruits hot indonesia insec

Flamingos....... Flamingos filter-feed on brine shrimp. Their oddly-shaped beaks are specially adapted to separate mud and silt from the food they eat, and are uniquely used upside-down
Tags: africa beaks bird birds body brine colour f

Tags: FOOD

At a friends home, they had a lot of birds come to feed every morning. I was lucky to get this bluejay on the birdbath
Tags: birds

Salem gets grouchy if her food dish is empty.
Tags: Salem my cat

This is my latest drawing on.. Ratemydrawings.com.
Tags: Child in africa hungry feed the world

Seagulls attack a bait ball off the end of Homer S
Tags: birds seagulls ocean feed

this rather old pelican just hangs at the bait doc
Tags: please feed me

Beavis and butthead looking to see where the feed
Tags: horses miniatures