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My comment on the financial hemorrhage occurring on Wall Street-Weije
Tags: weije art graphic design Wall Street financial crisis

Visual proof of what MAY be behind our financial crisis...Weije
Tags: Weije graphic design cats financial crisis

As the heat of the financial crisis intensifies, money just seems to melt away...Weije
Tags: Weije graphic design financial crisis meltdown Weiel Perspective

With all the bad financial news, do you feel as I do that all your MONEY is simply going down a drain
Tags: Weije graphic design financial crisis Weiel Perspective

Ahh, the sad state of Corporate America where you
Tags: Weije financial crisis greedy executives Corporate America Wall Street

Perhaps it's tunnel vision...but, it seems like Co
Tags: Weije trade imbalance job losses outsourcing financial crisis Corporate America

...getting pummeled by the economy
Tags: Weije financial crisis economy TARP tax payers

Under the glare of public scrutiny, nervous citize
Tags: Weije financial crisis nest eggs bailout plan public expectations

Competition is fierce these days at the bread line
Tags: Weije seagulls competition bread lines financial crisis

Corporate America continues to outsource American
Tags: Weije economy unemployment bailout outsourcing outrage financial crisis

The value of the American dollar in freefall...
Tags: Weije economy financial crisis bailout US dollar

Each and every day, more and more loyal workers fi
Tags: Weije economy financial crisis bailout corporate America unemployment

Jim Colyer discusses the U.S. presidents.
received financial backing from the Jews of Hollywood and Wall Street. That is how he won. 43 George Walker Bush - 2001-09 The way it was supposed to be and the way it turned out were two
Tags: Jim Colyer presidents Mitt Romney George Washin