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Short story of one of my days
guess I'll bite..I'm always up for a story on how flies are made. So I asked him on how he came into this business..he was rather old and his fingers shaked as he made this tiny creatures
Tags: S.Staley

if we contemplate in the shape of the fingers at the back of the right hand we will find out AMAZINGLY that draws the name of Allah
Tags: No Comment!! Masha allah..

little Missy from Tenessee Shoots to kill and she aims to please Rpt Ch. I just let the phone ring cuz I'm tired of talkin' pretty teen queen let my fingers do the walkin' feel all around
Tags: Rock Instrumental Solo Artist

I wrote this a long time ago (probably in the mid/late 80's) and all I can remember about writing is how sometimes my fingers would catch on fire as I played it. (Just kidding.) It's a "fast" piece
Tags: guitarsoloinstrumentalnewageoriginalTharp

The word: Love : formed by my fingers
Tags: Love

Just like sand can pass throught your fingers, so can time through your hands. Use you time wisely, and make the best of it, no matter what you choose to do
Tags: Pencil Art

Another painting derived from a small figurine
Tags: Fantasy

of using her fingers to create designs in the sand, digging clay and drawing with charcoal on the pavements. Today she works in a wide variety of media, including traditional African crafts such as bead
Tags: paintings batiks portraits sculptures greeting

This was a jam put together one evening at the hou
Tags: music healing through hate song 16 fingers

Home made cake for granddaughters reception
Tags: food cake

...and I want you to know, ... each second that passes, my fingers grow tired of this lens--they require your slow, steady hand for guidance. And I think of you when I see Khan 's painting
Tags: b&w fiori nature ferroggiaro - du bois gallerie

on sketch paper with graphite
Tags: hands fingers love graphite

i couldnt resist this one either
Tags: family

'Eternal Links' is a painting done entirely without using a Paint Brush. I have used paper strips, sticks and my fingers to get the desired effect. It is a very unique painting and has a 3-D effect
Tags: abstract links circles springs colorful acryl

Writing on the Wall is a pressed seaweed collage. The "wall" is watercolor paper with grey paint applied with my fingers. The seaweed was found as it is, with the red hairy type attached
Tags: seaweed wall watercolor paper paint fingers collage ancient writing

This is written by Adelpho, featuring Rikshaw (me)
Tags: government control rap bail out nader obama bush paulson barney frank track palin blasphemy adelpho lied two three fingers red

Just a dirty little secret.
Tags: shhh secrets fingers cross

Just having fun with this one.
Tags: trees babys hand fingers smoking moon

Neurotica Cabaret music of Marilyn Manson night..
Tags: fire performance fire fingers asraiya inspyre heartsinspyre Neurotica cabaret Noc Noc Pantera

texas state football game..
Tags: double gun fingers shadow