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Taken back in January in Colorado at or about the same time (meaning within minutes apart) as the others in my media. Thought it might fit in well with all the other beautiful sunrises in here
Tags: sun rays clouds colors sky. orange morning

Short story of life at home~
around. Lee is still running her mouth, my shoes must be taking back, they don't fit,she pouts with a frown!! For you see Halo got things all wrong,yes it was a nice jester but a size 7 for a kid who
Tags: By sheryl Staley

A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
, Never to fit in.. God Bless the mentally ill so they can be normal again... As they try so hard to survieve the world around..it's a frieghten place to live. To be singled out by people who make jokes
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Me standing in front of my midget house..it is only 6 or 7 ft high..most people have to duck when they come in due to low ceilings..me & my husband being short make a perfect fit
Tags: S.Staley

, but I'm not aging too badly and there are plenty of charactor roles out there for an ol' guy who keeps himself fit and has a pretty offbeat sense of humour
Tags: This is me for at 50! for better or worse

vibrant feel. I am willing to create this piece in different sizes to fit your window perfectly
Tags: glass art stain glass other

In a fit of rage at someone once in a lifetime, I wrote a song - turned out alright.. let me know what you think :) More songs coming soon.. :) xx
Tags: lois fulton lois' rules lois rule fulton lois

Tags: logos

This is the second piece in the series. Originally, I painted it gold but it didn't fit the uglyness of the head so I repainted it as a zombie. With it's open head that exchanged a music box
Tags: baby head music box

This was never meant to be a serious recording. I was experimenting with new guitar equip. and decided that the words to this song fit right in there, so I slapped them to the recording
Tags: Cover Country/Rock Solo Artist

mercades out fit thick but thick
Tags: mersades

another song written when I used to be involved in the church. I think some of the psalms are the best and often do not fit with the christian tradition, they are best taken as poetry and are very
Tags: blues psalm christian worship accoustic love

Tags: fit

Tags: fit

I enjoy working out.
Tags: bodybuildingfitness

Tags: fit

We just recently adopted this cute little dog previously named "baby." What name do you think we ought to call her? Baby just doesn't seem to fit her personality
Tags: dog cute little fluffy tan

from Adobe Photoshop CS2 The film is in a 2:35:1 anamorphic frame ratio. It was certainly hard trying to include all of the trick in certain areas to fit this ratio, so I had to expand the borders
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

In a fit of anger, I ... drew
Tags: Comic Drawing Welcome Head Cartoon Caricature

wearable ceramic corsets very adjustable to fit may sizes of bodies. lets get you in one
Tags: ceramic corsets fashion wordwrobe