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One of a kind, Fine Silver; This bracelet has a lot of silver, it's a nice heavy piece. It has two solid Australian crystal opals, that have flashes of green with a slight orange over tone
Tags: Jewelry art one of a kind silver opal sapphir

My 3 yr. old grandson is fascinated with my cameras. I was teaching him how to take a picture and just happened to photograph him as he snapped his own picture. As both flashes went off at the same
Tags: magic children photography

A boom box that flashes different colors
Tags: Boom box stereo radio

A short story I wrote for a friend.
flashes of memory. One was a person which she couldn't figure out if they were a man or woman, was gagging her. Another was of that person carrying her up the fire escape. Then that was everything
Tags: Haushy Horror Death

A short story of a very long night.
to push him backwards, and fought his way to the dairy. A series of vivid flashes illuminated his way. One enormous clap of thunder took him by surprise, and he felt his heart race as he battled
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

Poetry from the 'contra-box' mixed media painting
storm cloud, ever dark and dreary.Upon the softest touch,the circuits white-blow flashes,circumnavigating flesh and bone and mortal sinew,till it pierces our heart of hearts. And should mine animus
Tags: fyshwerks zootopia Pierson art fantasy zootop

personal and corporate transformation
Inspired to Richard Cassidy Poet@RLCassidy.com http://Poetry.RLCassidy.com A New Earth News of death and disease swirls and constantly bombards my mind, spirit, and soul; Flashes of war thrive
Tags: poetry

A piece I wrote when my mind felt like it was comi
Metaphysical Nightmare Whispers, images, flashes Haunting Deep waters move rapidly Dream or memory Confusion Fevered imagination plotting Insanity beckons Looming Shadows of reality or shades
Tags: waking nightmares. imagery dreams poetry dark p

destiny Cornered between a dream and reality Sounds of the earth echoing in the darkness Flashes of light, In a room of mediocrity Surrounded by people Who live in a world of stupidity and simplicity
Tags: 2

enjoi this rare glimse of your average pocket came
Tags: eyes faces and flashes

but don`t forget to smash all the mirrors if you can`t see own face shine your eyes from the flashes of wealth you will never have enough never ever more the feeling of owning more than another
Tags: stromy