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A poem I wrote
from the moon light. For I hold my wishes And deal with the pain later,inspite of the hard times my soul flies. To lift the feelings I have inside I always feel the pain but why dwell
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
Out for a walk..... While out on a walk one day, I came across a man who was fiddling with a string. When I asked him what he was doing? His reply was he was making flies to go fishing with. Ok..I
Tags: S.Staley

, so we only had to contend with strawberry flies and gnats, many of which are embedded in this painting. The bugs motivated me to work in high gear and I finished the painting in about an hour. 24
Tags: painting Down Jersey Bay Shore Greenwich NJ

second linocut in Printmaking I; give the theme "c
Tags: linocut linoleum torture colonialism frog flies tongue

my character hydro...idk...i just like makein characters..its my thing...he uses water powers and he flies with steam
Tags: my new character

This is a hot air balloon that sometimes flies over our area
Tags: Random Shots

This is an oil pianting from the 70's era.
Tags: Random Shot

, flapping his wings with all his strength The prayer was filled and became the one who flies Time was filled and the one became the light above us all
Tags: Painting

as blessing all life and the whole world has been held by the divine light After the angel plays his trumpet, he flies up into the air without any sound and throws stardust onto the earth
Tags: Painting

An 8 year old explodes into the air off a submerged knoll as he flies through fresh powder snow at Alpine Meadows, California
Tags: ski jump air child boy skiing powder snow

how High she flies Witchy woman she got The moon in her eyes.... MacArt Photography by TDC
Tags: female halloween dark night photography holid

Eldest son Sean when he was 2...hard to believe he's 21 now and I did this while he was running around playing...time flies
Tags: pencil drawing

The flies were attracted to this beautiful stinkhorn fungi that has a phallic shape and the top resembles brain matter. This one is for Kathy Lindsey since she likes mushrooms
Tags: mushroom fungi stinkhorn outdoors nature

An airplane flies in to the clouds, but it appears to be flying into the flames of a huge fire. This is exactly as it appeared...no photoshop to change or enhance colors
Tags: clouds airplane sky

Mix) Sundriver - City Lights (Daniel Kandi Remix) Ferry Tayle feat. Manuel Le Saux - Roma Airport (Original Mix) Euphorik - Time Flies (Toltec Remix) Phuture Sound - Alone (Dereck Recay Remix
Tags: Trance Mix DJ

The white egret flies over the golden marshes of Glynn
Tags: The Marsh

She always did love this song.
Tags: Judd karoake recordings

, a band of cutthroat chickens has pirated the chicken ship (say that fast, five times) re-christened, the 'Coop de Ville,' which flies the banner of the Jolly Rooster; and center stage finds
Tags: mariner mask mermaid mermalien fyshwerks oil

a poem written about a forbidden love--one that I
heart lurches in its holding tank and flies to you. You are beautiful in your laugh, your questions to me are better than the sound of a lifetime of prior music, now relatively dead to my ears
Tags: poem poetry love fantasy fairy faerie writin

Dragon flies like to sit on objects
Tags: Dragonfly