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There's magic in it--just fast-forawrd through all
Tags: magic A7X flip fx

This is a midair shot of a flip that I made well known around here. As far as anyone is concerned (including myself), I created it. It's a half-twisting wall-flip (running up the wall
Tags: flips flip wall high

This was the only flip I ever wanted to learn. Ironically, it was the third. Frontflips were first and backflips came after that. But this one was performed over a wall about 15 feet long, a foot
Tags: flips flipping aerial

This is my highest flip ever--I have it on video to prove that it happened. 6 feet up. I stood on top of that wall over bare concrete and flipped off, landing on my feet and kept walking. (Don't get
Tags: flips flip wall high

I'm just showing off my ability to be a human laun
Tags: flip backflip acro acrobatics gymnastics cheer cheerleading

Official LIVE recording of Rhyme N Rhythm...origin
Tags: Hip Hop Funk Soul Reggae

This is the only edited footage of the underground street-flipping team from Baltimore, MD: the BC Flipz. Captained by Fx the Illusionist (formerly known as Flip X), the team had scheduled to go
Tags: flips flipping street acrobatics aerobatics flip x

This is a snapshot of a backflip in the middle of
Tags: nunchucks flip backflip

at some points. Tricks include: Front flip, Back flip, Side flip, Tunnel Flip, Stnding Running Gainer, Wallflip 2 step wallflip wall front precision 360 front 360 back full flag j step butterfly
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

A flip to 50 Cent
Tags: Fire

This is just a flip that I taught myself how to do
Tags: Kiora's talent

I think this is one of my favorites. You can almost flip it over and not tell it is upside down
Tags: water clouds

Fall colors in monochromatic. Nest, nestled in a b
Tags: Animals Pets Dogs Rats Landscapes Fall Leave

Tags: ink

The hair flip
Tags: hair flip motion

bboy battle
Tags: flip

a RuFFsHoDDRecorDs production 2008/9 .:::: the LaTeNiTeTv mix:::... .......flip through some channels on the tele..... ................ while listening to some hot grime ( uk hip hop
Tags: grime hip hop uk bones ruffshoddrecords Dj_b

Flip That House mitOsis Live #5
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

Knee grab in chair
Tags: Blonde Blue

in to my own. Definately a flip the script on those male players lettin it be known it is time to make way for the new era of classy top knotch ladies just browsin not tryin to get tied down
Tags: LadyJade Big Shot Player