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I got this shot of the Moon on 5-14-09 from a third floor balcony. I didn't have my tri-pod with me, so I put my elbows on the rail of the balcony for stabilization. I used my canon 1000D
Tags: Moon

Short Story on life in my home with children~
and LOUDER!!!!!!!! it's ROLLER SKATERS AHHHHHHHHH!!!! They'er coming 3 of them.....and killing my nice swept mopped floor...oh the poor floor it's crying out "Please Stop, your killing me, striping me all up
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Short story of life at home~
..everything I grab before the dog eats it off the floor! And Santa better show up this year,we baked to many cookies for us to share...maybe the dog and cat will eat them I say,which gets a holler from
Tags: By sheryl Staley

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
we'll leave that for another story...mean while...I need to clean up sprayed water and soap from my kitch floor...LOL....Well where eles did you think we wash some of them....I wanted to go towel
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Beautiful forest floor, shooting stars in the foreground
Tags: forest floor landscape shooting stars

Jargus introduces himself as being under house arrest, gives a quick tour, and curses the first floor of his home
Tags: jargus algorythm algorithm new show series c

mosiac floor at cloud city [melrose ave L.A. ca
Tags: mosiac tile floor

This is a mixed-media sculptural 3-D wall/floor piece that was completed in 2006. The piece is composed of plastic sheeting and polished and unpolished stones/rocks, and steel fencing
Tags: wall piece abstract beautiful reflective mixed

This is a mixed-media sculpture meant to be displayed on the gallery floor and looked down upon. It was completed in 2007. The piece is composed of foam, concrete, steel fencing, and lava rocks
Tags: scale beautiful mixed-media sculpture concret

My messy water color set, I should have drawn paint on the floor to go
Tags: watercolor drawing cute wood floor painting set brush paintbursh color water happiness smiley handprint

along the valley and along the river that flows through it! This original painting can be viewed at EZ Art Gallery on the 2nd floor of MacArthur Mall, Norfolk, Va. The price for the original is $750.00
Tags: originallandscapesurrealisticcanvas

taken from a self-portrait photo of me lying on the floor looking at a candle. i put it upright to make it look etherial. oil paints (my favorite media
Tags: portrait blue face

View of Half Dome from Yosemite Valley Floor
Tags: half dome yosemite nature

on the floor
Tags: all natural

on the floor #3
Tags: all natural

My son on the floor
Tags: Smiling

: Well I hate it when you call my name But I hate it when you don't Because this love has taken hold of me and wont seem to let go When I raised my hand to help me up When I fell to the floor You
Tags: Matt Sevrens Original Song Acoustic Maybe Wh

afternoon lights dances through the windows of thi
Tags: cafe reflection tables chairs floor wine glasses

it’s supposed to be a snake, and as you can kind of see the tree behind the tombstone has snakes instead of putting branches. On the "snowy floor" of this piece there are apples. For some reason I
Tags: "Rest in Pieces" ceramic sculpture