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From Mare Island Naval Base (which closed over 15
Tags: San Francisco

another building from the base
Tags: San Francisco

neglected and forgotten
Tags: San Francisco

Short story of one of my days
it for me because I hadn't had the money to give him for the fishing fly..but with it was a special fishing fly,just for me. I have never forgotten this old man..I still see him around..he is trying
Tags: S.Staley

who will never be forgotten
Tags: S.Staley

who will never be forgotten
Tags: S.Staley

A forgotten foot bridge covered with willow bushes. The sign indicated it had been a Girl Scout Camp
Tags: forgotten foot bridge girl scout camp

just thoughts..short writing poem
wonder as I have forgotten.... Teens today not many work,atleast not many that I know.... I'm sure there are a few that do,I see them out there but the others live off mom & dad.. When I was young
Tags: S.Staley

All the memories soon forgotten
Tags: 50's car old

Forgotten in time... Middlegate Nevada population 17
Tags: middlegate nevada forgotten in time black and white photography

This is one of the first songs that Luke and I wrote together. It was just sitting on the shelf collecting dust, but it was never forgotten. One thing I have always said is that you know a song
Tags: Southern Cream

This is one of my more popular songs. The lyrics i
Tags: My Dearly Forgotten Brandon Albers Lovers Dust

Tags: forgottenfewcranberry

I drew this in memory of the loved and not forgotten "Dimebag Darrel" of the awesome bands "Damage Plan" and Pantera". It is drawn on a piece of wood slab and painted with acryllic paints. I found
Tags: Dimebag Darrell

We dare to leave a man behind
Tags: Weird comedy

very quickly n ruffly recorded slo jam thing i did
Tags: metal

This is a song about longing for something that has passed, but is not forgotten. It is to miss the very things you've already had, the places you've already been, the faces you've already known
Tags: Indie pop indie-pop indiepop indie-rock indie

Forgotten now, erased for good; A lonely shadow, where friends once stood. Forever etched, in my mind they are, But what am I, a wound? a scar? I've grasped for them and they've not reached
Tags: poetry creative writing original mine

and a stuffed animal always has his best friend..l
Tags: doll

Tags: Forgotten