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Winter freeze at Round Valley Lake in Plumas County, CA
Tags: frozen round valley

A deep freeze day.... Burrrrrr
Tags: frozen weed

This is the result of it being terribly cold, fogg
Tags: flash freeze 1 landscape

From a flash freeze
Tags: frozen landscape

From a flash freeze
Tags: flash freeze 2

these warm sheets with me, Amore The morning howl would freeze the falling sleet onto your frail eyelids Here, you are safe, enshrined in the breath illumed between these lips and your homesick wings
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

my first upload
Tags: life never stops it can only freeze

A scene of Surrealism in Winter... A collage with
Tags: Winter ballet dancer Mr freeze norra cardinal snow surreal surrealism Moon collage

Some people actually catch butterflies and freeze them to "put them to sleep" I didnt do that, in fact my younger brothers bought this thing called bugville butterfly where you raise caterpillers
Tags: Nature Butterfly kisses

Tags: squirrel brown green

falling through a shallow layer of clouds. When this happens, supercooled droplets in the lower clouds freeze. The resulting heat of fusion (latent heat released when freezing occurs) warms the air
Tags: Fallstreak Hole Weather Sunset Clouds Sky Pe

Just playing around late at night, trying to pull
Tags: winter christmas photography alter design ice freeze frozen

Taken in May 2002. My sweey little boy swings and seems to fly in all directions! I thought this action and motion freeze was interesting. Original MacArt Photography by TDC, 2002
Tags: motion action children photography

It was warm the evening I hung these out to dry!
Tags: Humor

my dog grizzly which we adopted from a rescue was going to be put to sleep but found foster home. foster owner works w/my mom and we adopted him. he was neglected, beat, and left in a barn to freeze
Tags: dogs

...locked in a deep-freeze
Tags: Weije snow storm cold weather frozen snow days

Pop goes the icicle...a drop at a time...
Tags: Weije cold weather snow days in Raleigh freeze

Someone yelled "Freeze!" and they stopped in their tracks
Tags: Weije deep freeze Raleigh snow days


another epicly frigid day on mt bachelor, i reache
Tags: snow mountain cold ice freeze winter ski snowboard