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Children blooper at Sunday School
Tags: comedy stand-up blooper funny comedian

At a charity fundriser dinner for the benefit of an art workshop for children with Down syndrome. Organised by the Inner Wheel Club Singidunum, Belgrade (Serbia). Wanted to keep the feeling
Tags: oriental dance bellydance middle eastern raks

My 2 yr. old grandson surprises a noisy duck by qu
Tags: children nature ducks quack funny

This is a little something my younger two children threw together (with my help :)!!!) in their OWN little war against Children smoking cigarettes...It's really kinda funny how certain types
Tags: Comedy silly funny kids drugs

Just a little sample of how I like to have fun :)!
Tags: comedy silly funny kids children child LOL

My son thinks he is funny
Tags: children

This was just too funny to let go... she's 2 and a half, but shes got the catwalk down :D
Tags: Children girl fashion

Beware of insurance scammers, who throw themselves
Tags: children car funny insurance

A college paper that i wrote against Sexual Orient
have children have the option to adopt while same sex couples are barred from adoption as they are seen to be unfit parents because of their living environment. We remain barred from the joys
Tags: writing

The story of a young boy's coming-of-age
used to say. It took a tough man to get my Momma down those mountains, but Alvin Brady did it; and when they went back to visit, he never had a problem. Funny. I never saw Alvin get angry, but I do
Tags: Short Story

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

A short story I wrote for a friend.
lawn, she looked around as little children ran up to the home and gave their tickets to a young man with his dark brown hair slicked back and dressed as a vampire complete with fangs and a pale white
Tags: Natsumi Horror Death

A book I wrote about a young wallaby and it's moth
Dedicated to: Amber and Richard Table of Contents I dedicate this book to my Children whom I think of daily and wish they could be with me to experience Australia the way I have. Beyond the black stump
Tags: Childrens book picture book educational

Someone always loves you, even if you're different
pretending she was an airplane. Making buzzing noises and even pretending she was the pilot. Telling her passengers to settle in for a long ride. The snickers of other children in the land of Stepford Wives
Tags: Misfit different prose

it is he's always dreamed of...which would be working in the art of modeling and/or acting :)!!! He's a wonderful person, has a great personality, he's funny in a quirky sort of way, LoL..and he LOVES his
Tags: Scott Modeling Jewelry Hand Model

' have their OWN Unique personality, which MAKES them their OWN lil' individual! I never seem to have a problem w/ my children helping to care for any of them! When it's time for Din-Din...or take
Tags: Griffen Muffins Maxie Lady Bug Video Funny playing rasseling outdoors indoors running jumping barking meowing

Portrait of my daughter.
Tags: child portraitsmileshyredcutefunnysimplechildren

Ok...so, I saw this KEWL contest that a very kewl
know what Im talking about! I do believe Bill Cosby had a show on this topic alone. a very funny one, at that! Well, I have a rewarding moment of my own to tell you about. Such a moment
Tags: Motherhood Parenting Mom Kids Silly Funny

it is a video about a "very well known" author from a children's book who is going to get interviewed and Yozee is "pregnant" but in the end they get into an argument and when she touches Yozee's
Tags: funny show interview