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just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

Working Progress. I just got my hands on my game again so I can listen to the music from the game instead of guessing now :0-D
Tags: Y9 Lost Kingdoms Aura Techno

My version of the old Game Gear classic - think its the harbour level....anyone know? lol
Tags: shinobi game gear harbour

Tags: Tupac Biggie Smallz TI TPAIN Chris Brown 50 Cent Kayne West GAME Soljia Boy Ciara Hip Hop Real Music Hot

You ever been this close to Chuck(The Game)? Nah, Did'nt think so
Tags: Tupac Biggie Smallz TI TPAIN Chris Brown 50 Cent Kayne West GAME Soljia Boy Ciara Hip Hop Real Music Hot

From the Minds of Warped Corp comes our Tribute to the greatest game on earth, Halo 3. Part Music Video, part fan film, part original creation, we decided to show the world our Madness
Tags: halo 3 uber xbox 360 parody spoof rap come

Orignal Melody from an NES game called Star Tropics. this theme is from the Underground passways
Tags: Star Tropics Game Music Remix Aura

Just an Inital Version for an Idea.
Tags: Ice Climbers NES Aura Rock Game Music

Just a sample of a few ways i would take a melody and change it around. This type of music would be for some sort of game
Tags: Aura Game Music Test BGM

Super mario brothers with a twist :-)
Tags: Super Mario Brothers Remix Techno Aura Nintendo Game Music

dancin dancin @Ottawa civic centre Junior hockey game
Tags: hockeydanceafricalockingfunkmusicjamesmichealswedenjapandenamrk

one rule, one game! lyrics written and recorded by big swell form victoria tx. the track is produced by hitz from the uk. together we dropped a bomb
Tags: rap music

dancing with the Cheerleader/SixO Power Dancer cheerleaders jan8 @ ottawa67s hockey game
Tags: ottawa67sdanceafricaghanaswedenlockingrobotmusichockeysports

nov 2008 dancing at the OTTAwa 67s game
Tags: ottawa67sdanceafricaghanaswedenlockingrobotmusichockeysports

dancing on the stairs jan9 2009 @ ottawa 67s game
Tags: iihfottawa67sdanceafricaghanaswedenlockingrobotmusichockeysports

really fast! Rocket racing travelling around 300 or 400 miles per hour! Also, I think my Rocket-X idea would make a really cool video game one day! So if it did become a game, I have a whole lot
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

, we eventually get the money, but this comic is very action packed! It would make a good video game one day and I would love to see this song (with many others) on the music playlist on it. :) Anyway
Tags: needforspeed need for speed cars hot pursuit police chase video game