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My sister waiting for our ship that was hours late getting into port in New York. She was sad because we lost a day of cruising because
Tags: sad face ship sister

Dogwood in one of it's many stages, this one's getting ready for Winter
Tags: Dogwood

The deer are getting brave. We see them out during the daylight hours quite often
Tags: deer

This is my Yorkiepoo, Kia getting her first bath
Tags: puppy bath

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
thing!! Need a new one so I put 30lb weight on top of the door....LOL That will keep them from getting out ( yes I really do this too! ROFL ) Now for the dishes...I turn around again and there is a butt
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
..and kick hard and crash!!! The kids are late getting home...here comes the ex...RUN!!!!!!!! With that screwed up face you know the b**chin' is coming...yep here he goes..."sorry," I say, "got to run
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
I was sitting in the rocking chair on my front pourch thinking of ways to present a book for you & I kept getting bothered by fairies & lepreacans.They just kept flying about in grat swams & dive
Tags: S. Staley

a better shot of her as she is out more now getting ready for fall & winter~ She lives under my barn
Tags: S.Staley

My husband getting his tat
Tags: S.Staley

My friend getting her tattoo
Tags: S.Staley

Grim getting ready to prounce on string
Tags: S.Staley

Guy getting the leafs blown away
Tags: S.Staley

Picture of the tree getting cut down in my front yard
Tags: S.Staley

Picture of the tree getting cut down in my front yard but here I show the rings of the tree
Tags: S.Staley

This young Gold Crowned Sparrow is getting it's fill on the sunflower seeds. The fencing in the background gives an odd effect. ;o
Tags: sparrow feed sunflower dry

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
explanation was, I dont know why; but, I dont like her. While the class was doing paper work, the principal stopped by (probably to see if things were getting any better). As he leaned against
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

A hummingbird when it was getting dark
Tags: hummingbird night bird hummer

Um.... i started working out to stay in shape so i took a class for this semester. Getting bigger now but still only a buck 20
Tags: muscles looking good sexy abercrombie model

The generalization of an exaggeration of my life.
Tags: morning life evan colten funny sketch skit wake up getting waking

Me at a practive studio with my mates working on getting our band sorted
Tags: Music