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The historic ghost town of Bodie, California is maintained in a state of "suspended decay
Tags: rustic historic ghost town Bodie California buildings storm clouds

Once a wild gold rush town, Hornitos residents now rest quietly in the Sierra Foothills
Tags: black and white photography fine art photograohy

On boot hill this old Catholic church still stands
Tags: black and white photography fine art photography Hornitos church catholic ghost town sierra foothills cemetery

Sign to mark an intersection in Rhyolite Ghost town, outside Death Valley
Tags: Hiking Hiking and Hiking.

Rhyolite Ghost town
Tags: I think This is the Bank.

Another one of my favorites. Dont want to name it till I can think of an appropriate title. I took this looking up through the roof of a shack in Rhyolite Ghost Town
Tags: Not permanently titled.

A shack in Rhyolite Ghost Town outside Death Valley
Tags: Barely standing

Rhyolite Ghost Town. I THINK that this building was the school
Tags: I think its a school!

On my bike once again. I took a lot of pictures on this day. The East Bank was still a ghost town. Now it's a wasteland. This place is kind of the exception to that. This place is now jus another
Tags: odeon concert club east flats show cleveland

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and t
be judged as this court...nay, nay - the whole town sees fit. Twas near the end of the noon watch when it hit, but as far back as I can recollect nary a storm so foul ever came down on any ship
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

I live in a ghost town,where many trains use to haul coal out of, that miners dug out of our hills,now this is the only train in town & it's retired
Tags: traintrainsretiredcoal town

This Is another relic from the ghost town I live in,this old stone bank use to hold some of the riches coal owners money,& even tho its over 100 years old its still standing (well some of it,lol
Tags: bankoldstoneartphotographyhistory

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
(That Toddlin Town) Crazy Words, Crazy Tune Downtown Strutters Ball Easter Parade Five Foot 2 For Me and My Gal In the Good Old Summertime Let Me Call You Sweetheart Lulus Back in Town Ma, She's Makin' Eyes
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

Book of poems I wrote back in december
2 Shots 15 Woman In My Door 16 This Is What I Really Am 18 Insanity 19 Welcome To My Hell 20 Alone At Night 27 Chasing Ghost 28 Conflicted Addiction 29 Dreams
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

I just recently had the privilege of working with photographer Bryan Davis as his model for this composite photograph of an old ghost town in California. The two main inserts are the twister and me
Tags: miner ghost town composite

A horror story I've written to continue a series
. We entered the nearby town, a virtual ghost town. It looked as though the people had instantly become zombies, everything was frozen in time, then I saw her again, the girl, telling me to enter
Tags: Horror Young Writer Zombies Suspense

Fire Dancing in a Ghost town in NV
Tags: "fire dancing" red "ghost town" Rhyolite west drive hot desert girl dancing dancer dance road abandoned schoolhouse fun entertainment April poi spinning twirling NV Nevada

Superstition Mountains, this was just one of them. I was out there alone just before dark, it was extremely windy that night. The place had an eerie quiet about it. Goldfield Ghost town is just up
Tags: Superstition Mountains Lost Dutchman Mine

My resume
Lady Ghost Cake Studios The Dragonfire Wars[vg] EmokBlack Fedora Studios Caleb Robinson-CookPlanet Specter Officer & Computer Jonathan DeWitt Infected (series) Julie Beck LP Productions Aaron
Tags: Resume Ashley M. Kalfas