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had to give it a try... Well, there's no face on the moon, but she is full and bright! ;o) Full Moon Blessings
Tags: Full Moon Rising

Nitemare's of kids in the home~
dear friends, I feel like Hunch Back of Norte Dame...Give me sanctuary!!!!! My Dishes are piled to the ceiling...my bathroom, the door is closed,the water is ready to break out...they took baths once
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
it for me because I hadn't had the money to give him for the fishing fly..but with it was a special fishing fly,just for me. I have never forgotten this old man..I still see him around..he is trying
Tags: S.Staley

Poem on how I am unique & more then just one kind
itshould stop!!Please give us the freedom to say we are the creators of our own worlds & ways...Then we may show you how unique & .. how we can do all things yet still be just one~Page 1
Tags: S.Staley

16 as well. For the two people who are going to give me a thumbs down with no explanation like you always do every time I put stuff up here...thanks for watching. <3
Tags: Billionaire tina rose

This is a picture of the Getty Cactus Garden from the balcony. I adjusted the contrast on this one to give it an edge
Tags: Getty Garden Cactus Tamara Digital

This is a song i recorded, it's just a bass instru
Tags: instrumental bass one evil penguin joe guita

I took this picture on a military installation to give it a little diversity
Tags: 1

the freedom of a thousand worlds, My One True Love Unclothed and Alive, tear your mortal chains; give in to the Truth of my stare, the grass of my eyes; flow with the rhythm of my touch
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic I wanted to give Alice an overall washed-out/transparent look to give the feeling she was in a dream and not all
Tags: wonderland J. Alexander

Here is "Bev" at the Funniest Female Contest in April. She made it as far as the Quarter Finals...give it up!! Vote this video and share with your friends
Tags: Bev Beverly Cigarettes Milk California Funnie

Just a little song that I through together over a weekend. I had not done any Metal type stuff before so I thought I would give it a try
Tags: Heavy Guitar Metal Instrumental

A song of That give Jesus the Praise
Tags: none

"It's Better to Give" me as Sr. Hubert
Tags: It's Better to Give musical theatre theatre belting gospel

this image was taken with a holga camera at an anime convention. The low lighting caused this photo to distort the figure and give it a ghost like appearance
Tags: ghost spirit soul black white 35mm photo gi

much, so I decided "Why not give him to her". Hence the title..."Mother's King
Tags: Elvis

I did this one of my friend Danielle. I wanted to give it a 1940's feel by making it black and white and giving it some grain to make it softer
Tags: 1940's black and white B&W portrait old tim

story will be more fun than drawing it out. I know it won’t be easy since I’m the only artist. But I’ll appreciate any support you’ll like to give, your words means a lot to me and helps me continue
Tags: Awsome Phat Girls Anime

I give a new definition to the title, "Car model." All my pics were taken by myself, on my camera phone, in my car. Ya, I'm a pro
Tags: Model?!?!

This here was a drawing for someone on myspace. His account got deleted, so I've not been able to give it to him yet. It didn't turn out as I wanted it to, but it's okay
Tags: Cindy Smith vampire