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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
the kitchen...the sound of loud mouths fill my home...hee,hee,hee...I hear " you kicked me"..."I did not!!" Stop IT!!! I'm telling MOM!! So I'm telling Bill!! Your in trouble!....Bill's going to yell
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
it before our beddy bye time,we don't want to over indulge because our bellies would hurt so badly we won't sleep & that just isn't good...so milk & cookies will do or a lite snack is best
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Ok I need help here, this is an out-line of the song, there is liek synth missing in the background and idk what it sounds like cause i can only hear the front ground sound in my head. If someone
Tags: Altf4 unfinished remix song sample jason pe

more random experiments in sound - better w/ good sub-woofer
Tags: dogs of eternity

This is a short I made for school.... its not that good, but it has SOUND
Tags: Orange Juice Toothpaste Toothbrush high schoo

on the prowl with a switchblade tail I'm the crack of the whip with reservations in Hell I'm a wildfire burning out of control and I've been knocked down but I'm back for more Just the sound of my name
Tags: Rock Instrumental Solo Artist

cover is annoying. just minimize the window and listen to the sound. 3. i'm not very good, i just uploaded this because my friend told me to. so yes. anyway, if you do like it, that's coolish
Tags: singing not very good please don't watch

This song is real motivating to anyone with a desi
Tags: LyricsPT P.T The pt hard barsFreestylehip hopgood sound

Another powerful roots-rock CD from Hirstius. It is just as potent as Temporary Secret with observations that the songwriting is maturing. *Louisiana serves up more than just good Cajun food
Tags: Gary Hirstius Fine Line

Another powerful roots-rock CD from Hirstius. It is just as potent as Temporary Secret with observations that the songwriting is maturing. *Louisiana serves up more than just good Cajun food
Tags: Gary Hirstius Long Shot

it for my youth group the very same night! I just sat with my computer, mic, trumpet, trombone, and guitar and just kept adding what I thought might sound good... so I guess I was just kinda going
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

, we eventually get the money, but this comic is very action packed! It would make a good video game one day and I would love to see this song (with many others) on the music playlist on it. :) Anyway
Tags: needforspeed need for speed cars hot pursuit

And that's not me in vocals. :P Ha! I can make my voice sound like 5 or 6 different people talking to each other, but I'm not good enough to soud female. :P But I guess the talent you're looking for here
Tags: Majix Music Maker 14 Techno Dance

for me! I know this song may not be sooo good, but if God really wants me to do this, He'll make a way for it to happen! If there's a road blocked off where He wants me to go, He'll either clear up
Tags: Map Life Jesus Christian God Christ guide

that it would sound good as an accompanyment for a trumpet and saxophone. Well, I was write... or so I've been told by the people at my church. :) I love this arrangement! The hymn is great as well
Tags: old hymn God Jesus Christ Christian trumpet

heavy spins in all markets, Dj's from across the world are giving Noche Europe 5 Stars for Overall sound & style, below are some reviews the track has recieved . The rising popularity of “Noche
Tags: Latin Pop Techno Rap Lokixximo

wrote the lyrics when I was a sophomore in 2005, but I later put the music to it after I graduated... which I couldn't remember whan music I had in mind when writing this... that's why the verses sound
Tags: Life Living Live On dreams hopes The Doovie

this is a story i started dont know if its good was going to be a screenplay more of an idea guy i guess than a writer
. A pound on the door. (henry) hey man you ok it doesnt sound good in there. (conner) yeah man just a chest cold outside to long. For conner lying was never hard hurting his friends with the news
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

(Underground RailRoad Freestyle) vs Placebo (Balek) Ghostface Killa (Save Me Dear) vs Sound Studio Orchestra (Southbound) GZA (Beneath The Surface) vs The Meters (Cissy Strut) Cappadonna (Slang
Tags: hip hop funk mash up instrumental latin sou

. Here recently, I have felt like God was calling me to write music and sing for Him. And I know I don't sing too good, but trust me I would much rather play an instrument than sing. But I feel like God
Tags: Christian waiting for God Jesus Christ retur