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Photo of the moon with graphics added of an angel
Tags: photographygraphic designmoonwingsangelblack

a young couple incorporated into the moon with graphics
Tags: photographygraphic designcouplemoon

front end of a jeep, manipulated
Tags: jeepcolorsgraphics

photo with added graphics
Tags: silhouettechildwingsangelsunlightoceanphotog

Part of a larger project focused on a young man's
Tags: Troy Barton Drugs meth hallucination graphics youth trip

Various works that I made to illustrate some of my
Tags: picture books pencil watercolour drawing comics rhymes colouring graphics

tis me slurred nto trees :)
Tags: witch craft hazel tree graphics art design woods

Me with added wings..which i made btw! xxx :)
Tags: Wings dark gothic broken borders art design photography Hazel graphics

Tags: Pink Skull Emo dark Hazel Graphics designs black and white

Me...in colour
Tags: Green Skull Emo dark Hazel Graphics designs Modelling

Tags: Pink Skull Emo dark Hazel Graphics designs Modelling

"FACE" Your Fear; Graphic Art Created with PS 7.0
Tags: Computer Graphics PS 7.0

Self Portrait; Black & White Photo Converted to PS 7.0 Graphics
Tags: PS 7.0 Photo/Graphics

Photo of Wine Glass Half Full/Empty Converted to PS 7.0 Graphics. Printed to Canvas and Painted 02/20/2007
Tags: PS 7.0 Photo/Graphics/paint

Here is our Demo Reel showing examples of our art,
Tags: motion graphics illustration graphic design art

This is Go Media's illustration/design reel. This
Tags: artwork graphic design illustration motion graphics

Inspired by clothing design graphics more work can be found at www.moodsgraphics.com
Tags: awesome cool tree wicked apple fun nice nat

This A2 sized piece was for a college graphics project. The aim was to create a piece of wall that has been through 4 civilisations in time. I chose Egyptian, Hebrew, Maya and Street art Graffiti
Tags: Graphics Wall History Media typography

one of three possible fuselage graphics for a 1980 yamaha race bike
Tags: pen and ink colored in photoshop/ illustrator

This is for a typography book project I'm working on for my Graphics class. Illustrator
Tags: vector