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Aaron Helfer asked me to draw Greed from Full Metal Alchemist. I don't watch the show, and I've never read the manga series
Tags: Cindy Smith

college photography project - seven deadly sins
Tags: food lips hundredsandthousands colour bright gluttony greed sevendeadlysins face girl sins

it's off beat..but it's kinda got a cool sound
Tags: greed ASOM

resources used: http://nv-stock.deviantart.com
Tags: justin avaritia greed seven deadly sins suffocate bag breathe breath blood bleeding bled death die dying choke asphyxiate

of peace but create a world of violence and greed instead. The intention and how the song was used is important especially in our current day and age when we are all living in a world that is more
Tags: art video art time based art visual art andy w

The true face of Uncle Sam done in Black & grey Ph
Tags: Uncle Sam Art Design Drawing Evil Greed Government

The nightmarish face of Corporate America and it's
Tags: Weije Corporate America Big Business GREED Big Pharma

Executive heads home with his daily salary...oblivious to and ignorant of the impending collapse of his institution, blinded by his insatiable greed
Tags: Weije Corporate America Finanical crisis greed graft layoffs

A poem i wrote awhile back
is not as it shouldEverything laid to waste because of all the greed and hateIt brings her down, makes her madWhy can't i just be happyBut this is life and i am wellI should not dwellSmile and wave
Tags: heartspoetrywrightinglifelessonsvalue

Another poem
is bled Micheal and satan meet head to headSatan's voice boomsYou die this night for a race that has no lovebut for their own power and mightTheir selfish and greed proves they follow me Micheal old
Tags: angelsdemonssatanhatewarbloodtormentarmaged

Some of my serious writing.
Will honor my name I'll put an end to war To hate, and greed, and pride You do not have a choice Unless you run away and hide So, I'm warning you now Things won't be the same I'm taking over, I'm taking
Tags: Poetry Humorous

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
hands fell away. It was over then, forever, without the minutest overture unless she reneged on her bargain with the Dantharians. The vile temptation gnawed at her heart, its greed demonic. If it werent
Tags: Short Story

greed and passion That first drove you there Oh can you hear Hear him calling Heart blazing fear It's close to midnight How come I feel
Tags: Superstition Mountains Lost Dutchman's Mine Folk

Written after a long drastic wake up call in my li
. Jealousy and greed have gotten us nowhere, Always competing with those who have more. Never again will I let myself go there, Trapped in a place where nothings for sure. Theres a love inside me growing so
Tags: poetry love hate religous

have built it, out of sheer hatred and greed, corruption has empowered it even more, the more we build, the worse the aftershock shall be. This is no joke, we are destined to see" worlds destruction
Tags: art abstract surrealism dada cubism impressio

Statement about the corruption/greed in the pharmacy/medical indusrty keeping many of us legally drug addicted in a state of euphoria/semi-comatose
Tags: painting graffiti abstract expressionism politi

Political piece of America I sold this one $45
Tags: politicsgreedcapitailismpunk rock

as a nation are doing the same think, and thats why our prosperous way of life has disappeared. And now many are out of work and can't find jobs. Because man is hurting man out of his own pursuit of greed
Tags: Stephen J. VattimoSurealworldart acrylic on can

A song I wrote
Tags: live life passion greed power love

This was the easiest thing I ever wrote. I don't h
Tags: men war government hell greed killers rapists optimists idiots