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Taken at Fort Bragg, California. This was our group while camping
Tags: sunset ocean fort bragg

A small grouping of Brown Eyed Susan's at Round Valley Lake taken last summer. This one flower just stood out of the group saying, "Hey you, look at ME". ;o
Tags: flower yellow brown eyed susan

A small group of elk grazing on the grass in somebodies front yard near Evergreen Colorado
Tags: heard elk wild nature

A group of Star thistles fall '08
Tags: Star Thisle

Several of these vultures flew over head @ Round Valley Reservoir as I was fishing on 8-22-09. They checked our group out, but kept their distance
Tags: Turkey Vulture

You know you are in for a bad day when you see a group of vultures circling around
Tags: bad day vultures landscape

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
to affix her signature next to ours, and another joined the little group. By the time roll call was over, each Higginbotham 3 student in the class had happily added his name. I presented the teacher
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Large group of Geese heading up Wolf Creek
Tags: geese landscape

Tags: narcissus group nature

I believe this to be the Mom of the group of 3. Once they got use to us, they stayed around to see what we were doing. Very curious
Tags: chipmunk mom nature

This is us taking a group photo the night before Mock Rock audition in our costumes. XOPOC forever

A trailer for a web-based dramedy I was in called 'group- the series'. The producers take a bunch of improv comics, allows them to write a character, and then throws them in a group therapy session
Tags: grouptherapycrazynutsbriantituslaughcrywebskipericksongrouptheserieswomen

Leslie Scott is a famous yet humble and inspiratio
Tags: leslie scott group 5 black sweatshirt boogiezone hip hop

Drink responsibly on St. Patrick's Day performed by the sketch group, Fatco, and its friends
Tags: St. Patrick's sketch improv shamrock shake d

A group of friend's wait at the bar for their mouthy friend, Dick
Tags: funny sketch comedy improv bar dick's wateri

Tags: group shot

A group of friends wait at a bar for their mouthy friend, Dick
Tags: sketch comedy improv bar joke Dick's Waterin

These are group of my hand-drawing shells
Tags: Shells