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It's the end of the season for this Red Poppy. I just love the clear blue sky behind it! This poppy will grow back next year. I'm always happy to see them, but the blooms have a very short life
Tags: red poppy pod

A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
is endless no matter how tired his knees grow. He searches, and he searches. and finally, In his sight is a woman of broken skin. Her wounds cling deeply to every sin. Every scrape, every burn, every
Tags: poetry short story

Writing on a mothers life
down..thenthe next day it starts all over.Lunches to make,dinner is cooking..how about those holidays..God Lord who's coming?One day the children do grow & you think your done..oh Heck no! They still
Tags: S.Staley

A poem
to doing things for ourselves & helping others~ So think of your self as a butterfly learning each day,you grow differently each day....you are your own butterfly
Tags: S.Staley

My Hyacinth plant looking from top view & how much
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
174168.txtFlower..You see them grow during the spring but how do they get there?Have you ever gotten your hands dirty by playing in the dirt to plant the seedling?Every fall I play in the dirt
Tags: S.Staley

I am she who allows the grass to grow, the animals to thrive. It is I who makes the air you breathe and the shade that you bask in. But all you do is breathe and bask and eat and thrive. I only
Tags: Mother Nature Hands Vines Beautiful Eyes

We soak up the suns' energy. We soak up all it's got. Then we run and play and grow. Then we laugh and learn and bloom. Emitting off an energy of our own. Emitting off an ora so strong that we
Tags: Sun Energy Solar Earth Grow Bloom Play Children Learn

It's hard for a Dad to watch his little girl grow up. It's even harded for him to let her go
Tags: Daddys Girl

that's been done a million times before, in one form or another, but the format does not grow old. It's structure and lyrics are as simple as can be. It's not meant to be entangling or illusive, just
Tags: love ballad song songwriter original faith i

I was messing around with my friends camera, and we where being dumb and serious at the same time and... This picture was take in the process of making my eyes grow in to a wow expression
Tags: appealed

I got a superior for the song "Grow For Me" from Little Shop. (Props included
Tags: Me Drama Competition

Painted due to my continued inspiration by the Nat
Tags: Natural Breakdown organic art growing bees flo

This is how I represent a lost toy, or doll, when children grow up
Tags: doll toy padded room door

they grow up
Tags: Love children kids hugs hug child kid park

The young trees grow and the old do wither. The path of life we travel hither
Tags: Nature

Spring flowers that grow at about 11,000 feet in August in Colorado
Tags: Nature Photography

It's amazing how it can grow in the rocks like
Tags: tree black and white photography nature

This is a picture I took while on vacation in Florida. This tree grows upside down. Doesn't grow leaves
Tags: Photography

These plants grow all over the country,they are nothing special,but I liked the lighting so I snapped this shot. 2004
Tags: Nature Imagery