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-ACRYLIC- Terrible photo of this piece. I'm going
Tags: growth plants death life process

new seasonal growth in Florida
Tags: forrest pines

Dead trees and new growth from a fire
Tags: dead forest fire

Vines under the bridge
Tags: flora vines foliage creeping green greenery bushes brush summer growth

This work is about the occurence and growth of ideas. The bottom spark is one of genius being placed on the edge of the picture plane referencing an "outside the box" way of thinking. This work
Tags: acrylic painting

Porch Roof eave rafters’ carpenter crafted from re
Tags: vintagematerialscarpentry craftsmanart

New Growth
Tags: Pink Flower

Once a bridge on a road used by early California s
Tags: black and white photography fine art photography bridge sierra foothills old growth california gold rush

Logo Design for the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh "Growth Exhibit
Tags: Logo Design Museum Kids Art

to understands that others also live this beautiful life and we have to share the bottle so we grow together and it will last. People, joint the growth because the only CHANGE that is in the AIR
Tags: WeddingsSocialPoliticalPrivate EventsPartiesC

A 2' by 3' portrait mask carved from second growth, red cedar. The headdress is made from an actual deer skull, the bear claw crown is carved yellow cedar and each claw has a different emotional face
Tags: shaman wood carving Northwest Coast protrait ma

An old and rotten stump sustains the life of a new
Tags: tree new growth old growth stump

One of Oswalds many old growth Sitka Spruce trees. These roots are so big a full grown adult can stand beneith them without even having to stoop. I wish I'd gotten a picture with a person
Tags: stka spruce old growth forest woods tree

This old growth Sitka that fell is also so large that a person can fit inside the open middle of the trunk. Again I wish I had a picture of a person in it to show it's tremendous size
Tags: old growth sitka spruce Oswald West State Park oregon coast forest

All 8-year-old Kelly wanted was a kitten of her ow
had soft new growth and a lovely fragrance. The bushes were alive with birds of all kinds, and the calico cat kept visiting the little girl. The day of Kellys birthday was sunny and warm for late
Tags: short fictionkittenchildrenbirthday

It's spring and the river is coming alive with new growth, turning it in to lush forest...my river retreat
Tags: river nature green spring cool

Tags: flowers

Expect rape!
Tags: pedo bear viagra girl scouts street rape growth male hormones penis sex pedophile

Written and PROD. BY NIKOLAS
Tags: from upcoming album