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In this grouping of mushrooms, each peddle is hand size. It was an amazing find! I was in the forest, I turned a corner, and there she was! It took my breath away
Tags: mushroom grouping

This beautiful radiant green beetle stopped by for a visit on my hand. 7-2-09
Tags: Radiant Green Beetle

one of my poems about the spirit.
us hand by hand.singing songs of love and joy,nothing left for man to destroy,now hear these words for they are real,they come from a spirit that does not feel,ascend my friend rise above touch
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

breathing fury, cutting the odds, and her path, with the scarred dagger in his hand, screaming his rage against the anguished gods Venice the New Millennium The waters once washing
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

-ACRYLIC- My friend threw a pencil at me and made me draw. I traced the shadown of my head and hand and went from
Tags: head alien dark drawing pencil ink

-PENCIL- I met some guy at a party who had just been released from prison. He was apparently a tattoo artist in there and wanted to see something with a skull and a hand in it. I added the spider
Tags: drawing pencil

Tags: art

Tags: colored pencil on black paper

Tags: abstract

Tags: Hand drawings

This is the left hand side of a 30x20" drawing of Fall battling winter. it took balls long to do
Tags: demon tree winter fall fight epic battle wo

instead of marking and deleting the end of an url -_- insert "#" -_- hit ENTER Advanced: hit both keys with one hand movement if they are next to another i.e. on the german keyboard

hand drawn, scanned and colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon mushrooms fairies

the tale of the girl and the frog prince...hand drawn illustration scanned and finished in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon drawing frog fairy tale

Mixed Media. Images stretched by hand, then altered graphically
Tags: Art Haunted Black White Horror Scary Fear G

Movement experiment.
Tags: Movement Photography hand pool

hand drawn illustration scanned and colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon ying-yang

illustration hand-drawn scanned and colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon moon

hand drawn, scanned & colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon drawing bunny duck

A young angler receives a hand getting her line untangled in Clearfield, Ut
Tags: fishing fish tangle. youth