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About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
scrubbing.....it works they start whimpering and backing off.....Boy do dishes hate soap and water...LOL!!! I hear a loud thumpong behind me....DARN CLOTHES!!! Trying to get out of the washer...LOL, old
Tags: Sheryl Staley

poem on a wet windy day~
trickles to a drizzle.. next I see a rainbow... Oh how I do hate the wind but what a beautiful out come can follow..from a wet windy day
Tags: S.Staley

This is a song i recorded, it's just a bass instrumental track i wrote...comment me if you like or hate it so much that you want me to light my guitar on fire, and not the cool way either, the way
Tags: instrumental bass one evil penguin joe guita

When you fight with your roommate, take your frust
Tags: She Hate Me

Just hate the new bumpersticker craze
Tags: Bumperstickers white mexican stand-up comedy

Ok so i got drunk and a picture was taken of me. dont hate. any of you
Tags: muscle beer drunk fun whoa dang

Collage of images from the film FALLOUT, used to p
Tags: Fallout War Death Pain Misery Life Hate Sadness Regret

another bass instrumental track i recorded.....its a lot shorter than the other one........please comment....especially if you hate....its extra fun that way
Tags: bass guitar instrumental evil penguin crap d

I would describe this as even though he's an angel he's still feels sad and angry. And if you notice on his knuckles I put the words hate on them under the white X. But still not all angels are gold
Tags: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b276/Biajon16/be

A woman i know. A woman of many shapes, colours, t
Tags: love hate people person colours maze shapes forms

This is a self-portrait of me worshipping the Sun, bathing in it's light and warmth - I hate winter! I really like the salt effect. I think it makes it look a little like stained glass
Tags: Digital Painting Gliclee Limited Edition Prin

me singing hate that i love by rihanna
Tags: rihanna singing music model ne-yo so sick fu

to replace me Why do you hate me? You say that I mean Mean a lot to you But your not here Not here at all Here walks a lonely girl With a lonely heart No ones listenin' The people seem like
Tags: songwriter songs a lonely girl song acoustic

has him covered. Watch as he and filmmaker Myke Dehu shed light on this important issue. Don't hate just because you don't understand! Wait for the next clue
Tags: rockathon08 rockathon Stu Baker Myke Dehu rock

Hard rock / metal with industrial tendencies
Tags: rock hard rock metal industrial lsd love sex

I hate horses
Tags: Horse

Once again, don't send me hate mail please; it's all in good humor :P
Tags: comic knife

A song for people who hate pick up lines! if you want more crazyness check out www.youtube.com/davon29588
Tags: pick up lines song davon

I hate my picture taken when I am having a bad hair day, so I improvised and went all out on the hair badness
Tags: head shot wild girl