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I caught this one in flight, heading to the feeder
Tags: hummingbird

I got this amazing shot as the hummer was heading for the feeder. The link below is how I identify my birds. You can see and hear the sound of this hummer here. http://identify.whatbird.com
Tags: calliope hummingbird

Large group of Geese heading up Wolf Creek
Tags: geese landscape

Just past Hallelujah Junction, heading into Reno
Tags: nevada mountains landscape 70/395

It was such a beautiful day!!
Tags: Halleljua junction heading twards reno nv landscape

Clearwater, Florida
Tags: beach sand palms Florida

A recent shoot I did. As always, I shoot against
Tags: chroma key

A Flight For Life chopper heading out with another patient
Tags: Chopper Medical Flight

This photo was taken from a cruise ship heading out to sea from a New York harbor
Tags: bridge river water transportation

Was heading out to a special dinner
Tags: head shot

Turtle heading for the light
Tags: Hawaii scuba diving turtles

This was another project I did for a woman & her farm. Unfortunately, my camera really is a piece of junk & I lost most of the pictures that I had taken. I plan on heading back out there, as the farm
Tags: tractor farm land gears levers machine survi

on the other side.” Then, they sent Joel out into the sky and waved good bye as they were heading to their death… and their true home afterwards. Well, the story goes on. Joel eventually lands on earth
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ sup

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Before you do you
will and will not fit you is by taking a look at the many options available by heading online to look at various galleries that have Pisces designs tattoo options. This website happens to be one of the best
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

to the world... or reflect the Light! Christians are called to witness to the lost and dying world! They live in a city that is heading in the wrong direction. There are many people who need to be witnessed
Tags: Bluetree Chris Tomlin God if This City Chri

, heading towards the central light shining sooo immensely! I had to darken it some, and the figures came to the FOREFRONT! It was sooo profound, I didn't know WHAT to do with it for a while
Tags: sky scene profound spirit rising dark light

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
was already heading for the exit, running towards the carriage full of terrified girls who were about to be delivered into the hands of yet another monster. *** The packed carriage trolled along the desolate
Tags: Short Story

A short story I wrote for a friend.
. They're insane, and they are wanted by the police for an that happened. "Yuan you know we aren't suppose to be down here," Cairyn said heading for the stairs, but Yuan grabbed her arm. "What
Tags: Cairyn Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend. Easily my favo
Struggling to breathe, Josh ran behind a small wall trying to regain his regular breathing again. Highly unlikely. The thundering footsteps of two people were becoming louder by the second heading
Tags: Josh Horror Death