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My daughter looking around tree to see if I was still holding a camera
Tags: S. Staley

My wife holding my newborn son shot low key
Tags: babyhandsinfantnewborn

quiver avowed the familiar waves with livid lianes of lucid angst She turned her enchanted face looking him deep in the eye, hands holding his head with entranced grace, her wild waves of hair
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

How do you see yourself? That is what this image is all about. It's my appropriated self portrait. A screen print done from a blown-out photo of my brother-in-law holding a guitar similar to one
Tags: SantaB Adam Brian Revels Cyano-type Photograph

This is a picture that sums up my childhood. a man with an arm growing out of his head thats holding a celing fan plucking a young child out of his own front yard as someone inside doesnt really care
Tags: timmy abduction hell death fire pain heute i

Black and White photo (not digital)
Tags: black and white

A photo that I took for a fashion contest.
Tags: Fashion red light bus stop

This is one painting of a series of 4
Tags: art conceptual art surrealism modern psycedelic

up everything. The hospital told my folks not to expect me alive when they got there. What I remember was... feeling like my life was holding on by a very thin thread. This young girl was holding my
Tags: music song rock guitar life near death jack

Holding a Drink
Tags: Drink Guy Vodka Cran

me in my backyeard holding a flower
Tags: Me

Me live with Big Brother & The Holding Company 2004
Tags: BBHC Live in Moscow Id

Artist Bethann Shannon LOVES SHARPIES! So, she has drawn Frida Kahlo holding up a bunch of them declaring her love
Tags: Frida Kahloartcartoondrawingfrida in heavenme

Envy and Stich holding hands in the graveyard. This picture was done for pretty Corpses Modeling and is meant to show and image of love carrying on even in the face of death
Tags: death love teen gothic cemetary

I drew this for a contest that the German band Oomph! was holding for fans. I drew this in a hurry because it was due the same day I found out about this contest. Since the title of their new album
Tags: Oomph! Monster album

there could never be a tomorrow... Holding on to each other, for each other's dear life; Wrestling with our wonder, of how we made it by... And I could look at you forever... Like fireflies amaze
Tags: Original acoustic Rob Roy Love Song relation

Mommy holding Winn in the rocking chair
Tags: teddy bear baby adorable sweet cute

A pencil drawing of a hand holding a small gargoyle gecko. it took me 48 hrs. I used every lead from 4h-9b on smooth bristol board, tissue paper, blending stumps, kneeded eraser, and reading glasses
Tags: gargoyle gecko lizard hand drawn realistic p

circulated painting of a man holding two inverted cups over two small round objects has been taken as evidence to suggest that the effect dates back as far as Ancient Egypt
Tags: Sacha Magic Balls Egypt

This is me trying to hold to cats on my belly. The
Tags: Holding 2 cats