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My look on love & how I feel about
,but in friendship it is there.For why do we see so much pain &For a small price not see the love & caring that is out there?The grief needs to stop for a time and love can concur all places you want.I
Tags: S.Staley

Originally written as "When Angels Learn To Fly", it is probably our marque song as far as the music goes. We hope you enjoy Fly as much as I love to play it. If you like this song visit our
Tags: Light Rock Chord Progessionist Accoustic

This song is sung and written by me. If you would like to listen to more of my songs go to http://www.myspace.com/mellyssaangeldiggs/ My songs are not professionally recorded. All of them are home
Tags: Demo Song Music Soul

This is a special send out to all my family, friends, and fans/famesoure- thank you for all your continued love and support it means so much to me as I continue to find my way in this music business

elegant, but still fun. I just love this music, it is so sweat. Also, I didn't know exactly how much space will I have and this piece can be danced both "on spot" and with broad movements. Actually, I
Tags: oriental dance bellydance middle eastern raks

I recently wrote this song and fell in love with it.. I hope you all like it as much as I do.. again the sound quality isn't that great but it isnt too bad
Tags: Ashley Beckner True Love Original Debut

A song of your loved one being away from you. Lyrics: You never knew how much Cause you didn't weight my love If you knew that I have waited Would you have cried it out enough You never
Tags: acoustic guitar zahir zack singapore phantom

are breath taking. I'm not even trying to fronting cause you know I wanna be with one someday. (Chorus) Asians don't love me. Is it a cultural thing? I don't know maybe, maybe someday. But right now I must say
Tags: reh dogg love asians

(love slipknot so much^^) Max sayz... YOU DESERVE
Tags: max

I love these guys! So much fun to work with and talk too. Some of the most down to earth rockers you will ever meet
Tags: Black Stone Cherry BlackStoneCherry Matt Isaa

a little rip, but I love him very much. No one will ever hurt him again! My good friend, James Lawless formerly mistersmoothe in Taltopia, and myself, turned Jack's snapshot photo into this neat graphic
Tags: animal abuse abuse stop

This is me singing, and playing the very first song i learned to play on guitar. This song means so much to me because the lyrics are true in my case for this past Christmas. And i hope all of you
Tags: Bring Me Love Marié Digby singing guitar

Had I a better photograph of a Fire Escape, I'd have put it up here instead. But this building was real cool. Of course I don't have any other pictures of it, butI can tell you that this building
Tags: catwalk nyc building exploration uptown up s

a great feeling, and definitely has a soundtrack feel to it. Gets me in the mood for something fast. I hope life holds a few more twists and turns in store for Zack and Penny. I love the twist you throw
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

voices'. And, for the record, I really think the Alan Parsons tune is a terribly underrated classic and rivals some of Pink Floyd's best material. Much love for Pink though. So enjoy these and I'll get
Tags: Bob Dylan the Band Johnny Cash Michael McDonald

and have been in many talent shows hosted by the school. Enjoy the work that I do and would love to be involved in much more. My Stats are: 5’7 Tall without heels Bust Size 34 Shoe size 8 ½ Dress Size
Tags: prettiicute@yahoo.com

a GOLDEN idea, and you need to really think about it some more and make it sparkle! If I were you, I'd shoot this yourself." "Wow... the subject matter is awesome! I love the story, man! There are some
Tags: screenplay short story writing reading movies

this is a story i started dont know if its good was going to be a screenplay more of an idea guy i guess than a writer
and set up your bass guitar I know you dont play it much but at least youll look professional. Davis patted conner on the back and left the room. (mike) dude what the shit why didnt you go last night? I
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

band, The Doovie Brothers. See this page for more about them!!!!!! http://www.taltopia.com/view/111514/The-Doovie-Brothers-group-picture- Basically what you need to know is I voice act as all these guys
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic Christian God Jesus Christ Free from sins Salvation Love the Cross

’t wanna feel anything) I love how you cause me so much pain You’re abuse is what keeps me sane I’m tired of this living Crash myself into your oblivion [Chorus] -How much more can I take? How
Tags: Drunk Song Again How Much More Marley Rae