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This was a perfectly clear day, not a drop of rain in sight, yet this beautiful burst of color appeared above my head! I love looking at the clouds, just using my imagination... You can find most
Tags: Clouds Rainbow color burst

If you use your imagination you may see an umbrella
Tags: beaver pond tree nature

This is an original work. It was drawn for and ins
Tags: "The Suffering" albulm cober

Tags: Woman Man Ice Images Imagination

from my own imagination
Tags: alien science fiction monsters fantasy horror

Yet another still-life from memory/imagination. Not sure what i was trying to accomplish with this one
Tags: oil painting still-life

This is just a quick little knock off from imagination. Something to play
Tags: oil painting Landscape

Implied nude
Tags: implied nude model

This monkey doll is 100% hand-sculpted out of clay without the use of molds. He was created from my own imagination/creation. His fur is hand applied mohair. I used artist chalks. He has amber glass
Tags: Clay sculpture sculpt monkey primate animal

Because my eldest brother is such a humorous guy, he stimulates my imagination, it makes me think of hilarious bondage situations wherein he's involved and he'll always be the humble slave
Tags: Niumber 9 inside joke brother caricature

Acrylics on Pine
Tags: Whimsy Dream Swimming Flying Female

8 1/2" X 11" mixed media (colored pencil + water color) portrait....from my imagination
Tags: pencil drawing portrait + water color fantas

5" X 7" sketch of 'Sarah' from my imagination
Tags: pencil drawing portrait + water color fantas

8 1/2" X 11" painting that I did from my imagination
Tags: painting ivy plant potted

I've done quite a few of these nebula's purely from imagination. Its fun to just let the colors run wild. This was a 15 X 30" acrylic. Original is sold
Tags: fire dragon nebula stars planets space

Another of my Long Rambles into the Sonic Possibilities of my Imagination. It is an audio interpetation about a student, of the Temple of Thought. He reluctantly leaves his Teacher, venturing forth
Tags: original music synths recording sound track

just more playing around with photoshop
Tags: roses flowers photoshop

One of my favorite quotes.
Tags: Einstein quotes vector

I know you we can't really hold fire but i have a good imagination
Tags: fire

Cubes with smaller cubes pushed in or cubes with smaller cubes floating? The answer is up to your imagination. Made on ratemydrawings.com Original link: http://www.ratemydrawings.com/drawings
Tags: cube optical illusion primary colors