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A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
. In his arms lay weapons of only defense and in his chest breathes out fire. Across the jungles, across the plains, across the insanity that only those who do not appreciate are to blame. His walk
Tags: poetry short story

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Tags: beat

Tags: babies baby health nice silent birth silence birthroom happiness crime war insanity psychiatry psychology fetus prenatal care

Tags: babies baby health nice silent birth silence birthroom happiness crime war insanity psychiatry psychology fetus prenatal care

An insane bovine mocks me!
Tags: Weije mad cow bovine insanity moo

The moment that we cover as photographers becomes most endured in a relationship of capturing and preserving, that special space, a contracted occasions turns into insanity of being every angle
Tags: WeddingsSocialPoliticalPrivate EventsPartiesC

Insanity Hits The K&W Serving Line
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

original song
Tags: summer insanity rock Wylde Abandyn

This is media written about my one true love and b
Id rather die then to have you die for me I admire your courage and your complacency Though, I would even call it idiocy For with your life taken from me May drive me to insanity Keeping you a live
Tags: love desire passion friend friendship death

with God, insanity, self-loathing, inspiration and salvation. Noone can say these poets tread lightly or try to avoid issues that we all, in some way or another grapple with. It's what makes
Tags: Documentary Spray Can Art Filmmaker Art Aeroso

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
to will himself to drive the dagger into her heart, if only so this insanity would end, but he found himself incapable. No! I cannot do this! God forgive me for even thinking I could! Avery stood and looked
Tags: Short Story

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
accusations. Illnesses boiled, possessions were frequent, and insanity reigned alongside sin. A great fountain of transgressions overflowed, most humans too weak to resist these onslaughts. They were
Tags: short story

a poem written about a forbidden love--one that I
back the floods of insanity when not spokenyour name is insanity
Tags: poem poetry love fantasy fairy faerie writin

A short story I wrote for a friend.
, she looked around in a panic. No windows. One door, but it was locked. Damn. Grabbing her bright red hair, she pulled some out by the roots letting out a small scream in insanity. Finally losing
Tags: Kii Horror Death

Book of poems I wrote back in december
2 Shots 15 Woman In My Door 16 This Is What I Really Am 18 Insanity 19 Welcome To My Hell 20 Alone At Night 27 Chasing Ghost 28 Conflicted Addiction 29 Dreams
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

For him
cutting and wounding a very specific organ that beats. He screams with his eyes and me with my poker red lips. Love is a funny thing with tendencies toward insanity. It is my favorite game. It resembles
Tags: love poem

Oct 30 at 10:30 PM It's The Varietease Cabaret! A collection of Chicago's best burlesque beauties teasing you to the brink of insanity! Produced and hosted by the hottest legs and dirtiest mind
Tags: Lakeshore Theater Lakeshore Comedy Stand Up Come

If you wish to change your life, don't change the
. There was no doubt about it. The Mongolian styled house was a comfortable looking sanctuary. More than that, it was a bulwark against the insanity unravelling behind me. What a lucky man, I thought, my
Tags: Travel Humour U-Boat Captain Portugal Friendshi

Tags: Orchestral