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spider. found it at my grandmother's mausoleum.
Tags: decayedmatter spider spiders spidey arachnid arachnids insect insects critters critter

A campaign song for an earwig who goes by the very original name of Wiggy. He's an insect with ideas
Tags: a rap about insect based politics

A photo of my sister and a baby praymantis. Our
Tags: children child insect praymantis green

Yellow butterfly on a flower
Tags: yellow butterfly nature flower wildlife bug insect wings

Eastern Carpenter Bee - Xylocopa virginica On the
Tags: bee macro wings insect nature flower closeup

A yellow Jacket working on gathering food for the
Tags: Wasp-bees-honey-working-insect

another be feeding
Tags: bee insect flower yellow

One of the bees that visits my flower bushes.
Tags: nature outdoors insect color flowers bushes landscapes photo

Eastern Purple Coneflower - Echinacea purpurea Pe
Tags: bee pollen insect nature flower closeup coneflower

An insect rests atop one of the abundant flowers found in the Caribbean. The photo was taken in Trinidad
Tags: flower art caribbean bug

Took with a FinePix S700. This wasa dragonfly that
Tags: insectnature

Butterfly on a flower
Tags: butteflyflowerorangeprettyinsectnectarwildflowers

Tags: waspspiderfoodcatchinsectbee

This is just a random idea that popped into my hea
Tags: centipede centi legs twisted crazy cool drawing bug insect creature

A bumble bee working hard collecting pollen from a
Tags: bee fuzzy yellow black pink flower insect eyes color macro pollen buzz green pollenation

This is a praying mantis I found as I was walking
Tags: insect macro "praying mantis

Origin: Islands of Indonesia pollen, fruits In the wild, lories feed on nectar, pollen, fruits, and the occasional insect. All lories have a tongue that is specially adapted with a brush-like tip
Tags: bir birds flowers fruits hot indonesia insect lories lory nectar pollen pollinating red tongue trees tropical

This little guy was hanging on the window of my ca
Tags: insect

Praying Mantis
Tags: insect praying mantis bug macro