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Guitars-added nylon string acoustic electric guitar for main instrument
Tags: Soundclick.com/digitsoundz2480 and Soundclick.com/

Angled black and white shot of piano keys.
Tags: music piano keys b&w black and white classical musician musical instrument

The first song of my first instrumental album call
Tags: multi instrument Benji Gold The Ripper guitar synth shred

Here a horn player is fused with his instrument. When I look at this piece I can hear the Jazzy sound coming from his horn. It brings me back to all the times I spent listening to the masters
Tags: Digital Painting Espacelaurent Limited Edition

i love my cellphone!
Tags: click! click! Motorola-MPx.. the instrument of my vanity

"Clown Electronic Feasts" Started In 2007 With No Great Intentions.Working Through In-Mind-Music Instrument-Combinations,A "Pathetic Music Art Clown" Was Invented,Fighting With The "Clown Antagonist
Tags: clown juggle pantomime happy hardcore scary

to the stars So carry me Right to the stars I'll use this instrument To reach out to your heart If the stars go out How long will you hold out? When my heart turns dark Can you stand with me
Tags: songwriter fall with the many songs original

The inspiration for this piece was a play on the w
Tags: water organ music instrument pantheon

or instrument involved. This track is meant to make a shimmering effect with the drums. The concept, digital A learning from data how to simulate flesh and leave the internet as a human. Lol
Tags: sc fi electronic hard dance instrumental ric

acoustic guitar duet which suggests a third instrument, we've been told a mandolin can be heard, but it's just ash and I on our takamine acoustics
Tags: platte river rain

made for a friend. it was printed and given to her
Tags: justin scary jesus god godless decending decent moth butterfly insect insects wing wings halo halos spine spinal instrument cello violin strings f hole holes digital dark

An old weathered piano
Tags: piano musical instrument ebony ivory

baby chloe's first instrument
Tags: baby

Demo of Too Tall Tom
Tags: slide guitar multi instrument tall

Impressionistic painting of a violin oil on canv
Tags: violin musical instrument oil painting original art british art pringle art art fine art

, and sometimes trumpeter Phil Marshall: Lead singer and trumpeter (the main guy of the band) Toby Tyball: Plays any guitar and string instrument in violin family, bass singer Johnny Wright: Bass player (any
Tags: band cartoon dubie brothers doovie comic mus

played this for my home church as well as a small church in St. Paul Virginia near Hamlin. They seemed to get a kick out of it! Of course they probably weren't used to an instrument as loud
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

the instrument solos as well at the bridge. :D And the choruses are 3 part harmony with a higher voice, medium voice, and lower voice. Also after the 2nd chorus before the 2nd verse, I'm playing
Tags: The Doovie Brothers latin dance Maria trumpe

played the melody with an instrument on the keyboard and this is what I came up with! I hate my voice, but I like my voice when I sing as Doov... who sings background vocals and lead during the last
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic Christian God Jesus

. Here recently, I have felt like God was calling me to write music and sing for Him. And I know I don't sing too good, but trust me I would much rather play an instrument than sing. But I feel like God
Tags: Christian waiting for God Jesus Christ retur