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this little chipmuck was busy building a nest ,, I think. But I found him very interesting
Tags: animals

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
met these people I'll tell you that yet they are an interesting bunch,but make my dreams so sound~ Now off to toothland to brush those pearl whites..make them shire for all to see..no holes I see
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Natural flocked snow gives an otherwise boring tree a new interesting look
Tags: coldsnow flocked

An interesting shot of the sun being eclipsed by the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Tags: eclipse

This is an owl that my mother hit with the van. It
Tags: Dead Owl Interesting Car

A dirty alley in Marsailles. I found it interesting that the first peice of graffiti I saw was written in English
Tags: Love romance streets alleys alleyway inner ci

One night on one of my outtings to Monaco, the train never came so I was stuck in the station for the whole night. Thankfully it was somewhat interesting. This lady just caught my eye
Tags: train train station

-PLASTER AND ACRYLIC- I made a piece of plaster and hit it with a hammer and some chisels until it looked interesting. Unfortunately I can only upload one view, but it looks cool from every angle
Tags: sculpture

Took this picture while driving, was going to reject it beause of the lens flare but a few beers later it started looking interesting
Tags: tree art photoshop insane driving nature


was an interesting experience
Tags: Vertically Deep Depravitae music video Denver

Interesting perspective at the Chicago Institute of Art
Tags: Trains Chicago photography

I was just messing around in photoshop when I crea
Tags: shapes artsy angles contrast interesting graphic design design balanced white pink

I entered a contest on deviantart to create heros
Tags: heros family art drawing contrast interesting balanced dog human super heros heros contest

This is a quite sketch I did in pen of my boyfrien
Tags: two kind boy girl pen ink contrast interesting cartoon characture white cute happy balanced

This was actually an assignment I had to do in my
Tags: self portrait andy warhol pop art art interesting contrast balanced sad colorful playful

This was one of my first modeling shoots. I know t
Tags: modeling laughter amatuer interesting contrast headshot professional sophisticated

This is a second headshot from another photo shoot
Tags: modeling surreal amatuer interesting professional classy sophisticated contrast headshot professional sophisticated