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Just a pop song I wrote and recorded in August 200
Tags: pop

This painting is a visual representation of the all famous invisible orange..it too was stolen and recovered
Tags: orange spider cookies cookie clock mixed medi

Dresden is the end result of experimentation. He is the prototype of research to create the perfect secret agent. He can alter his height, weight, & physical appearance, or become invisible
Tags: drawing sketch

A track from Episode 3 of the Products of Monkey L
Tags: invisible vampires products of monkey love podcast episode 3 comedy silly humour funny

Divine beings, invisible to us mere mortals, sit in an evening conference in the glow of their handiwork making plans for tomorrow
Tags: Weije divinity heaven supreme beings...

You may not see her, but the threat is still there
Tags: CG

'Oh wow...Ma...check out the invisible guy over there, he want's to POGO TOO
Tags: Photography Kid Brent Boy Son Pogo Stick Jum

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
was not so much to be loved as to love" To love someone is to see a miracle invisible to others.""If we will inspire the people with whom we come in contact to a realization of the hidden treasure
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
her thoughts. Come, Jessdana, the Master Pyromancer said, and he proceeded out onto the tower. Jessdana followed, as if he were pulling her forth with invisible chains. Soon the two stood
Tags: Short Story

For those of you who may not know, I met a Christi
youre putting Gods namein quotes! said Gastro-Man. Then, the thug continued, Why dont you Jesus Freaks just come down to reality and stop believing in a stupid, invisible, mythical God? Dumb
Tags: Christian super heroes story cartoon comic G

Activating the invisible eye
Tags: blue

A man travels through time and space searching for
novelty science toys where invisible energy waves caused an object to balance in mid-air. Fox knew it was the same concept. Magnetic fields on the undersides of the city were polar opposites
Tags: Science Fiction

Part IV of my seven part poem about Lucifer's war
with misty haze, savor kiss that inflames the skin and brands the soul with the invisible tattoo. Thrilling release from tip to tip, tingling in the feverish night. Sweet elixir, intoxication
Tags: heaven war Lucifer God

A story I had written for a school report, if enou
, an invisible, invincible force blocked our way. Kill, Kill, Kill them all! they chanted. Alyx grabbed Celia, who grabbed me, and ran, into the castle. They were coming fast and we werent sure what to do, so
Tags: Suspense Short Story Young Writer Ozark Kidnapp

This is the storyline to my first Extraordinary Le
the way youre putting Gods name in quotes! said Gastro-Man. Then, the thug continued, Why dont you Jesus Freaks just come on down to reality and stop believing in a stupid, invisible, mythical God? Dumb
Tags: Christian comic super heroes superheroes God

Invisible Guardians the movie is soon to be out. Get your name in the credits along with an autograph from the director by visiting InvisibleGuardians.com! This is a rough cut of the opening scene
Tags: advertising commercials Invisible Guardians movie film get your name in credits autograph short trailer

A prisoner has escaped from prison, and learns to
Tags: neyneu Keeltrice jaws running invisible shorts

Fedora and coat hanging on a fence, done with my c
Tags: Black and White Photo Fedora Coat

invisible to the naked eye during the cataclysmic event
Tags: dimensional art

these are my poems.i'm sure you'll enjoy
of this valley any time of the day especially when the love she receives from her men is in vain. Shes in a relationship with the invisible beach by the frontiers of the quick sand. Shes a Cleopatra
Tags: WickedHorizonAllenheavyyoungaudioweaponAnthony