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So cool like who are you to judge the captain of cool. You cooley..LOLOL JIZ
Tags: Jupiter the JIZ's Pretty Cool (PHPJ 1st edi

Pen and ink on paper, Commision
Tags: Cold Feet Judge Cartoon Stip

Commission for collegue of the judge
Tags: Judge Coldfeet cartoon caricature

This is a very rough recording of the chorus and bridge of a song I am writing. Please do not judge it too harshly, as the recording equipment and software that I have available to me are rudimentary
Tags: Christian Music Vocal Female

This is a shot of my cat Spitfire striking a judic
Tags: Cats

Expression Story board Shoot
Tags: Head shot Expression Emotion

doing another judge showcase
Tags: stay on the cout 2005 battle

Another one.
Tags: Self portraights Jessie

some oldtimers sit and judge the younger generation
Tags: Weije old cars judgment old vs. new

This song is about , how we judge others , but in reality are judging ourselves
Tags: jazznu jazz jazz guitar jazz guitarist music

judge on the Battle Finals, and will collect a c.d. from every competing band. All finalists also receive two free weeks of music mentor consolations FOR FREE*** Exposure to CREDIBLE MUSIC INDUSTRY
Tags: Are you the band band in Socal? Prove it!

Coming in through courtyard windows I wouldn’t know the judge Wouldn’t give a fuck. Murder, Murder, Murder They scream High pitched noise only beast can hear Hell is your master now. Closing
Tags: a lynching acoustic rock solo vocals singing

This is one of our fun songs to play out.
Tags: Christian God Rock Music

Tags: Third Degree

Joe as Sweeney Todd, accompanied by Dan Orton as Judge Turpin
Tags: Joe as Sweeney Todd

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
to lexi was. Most people liked to be around conner because he in ways found himself unimpressive so it was very hard for him to judge the misfortunes of the people around him it made him calm
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

even had a voice. :P If you listen to this song just to judge it and you don't like it, I only hope that you get convinced by the words to believe in God and Jesus and that He died for you to make
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic Christian God Jesus

A college paper that i wrote against Sexual Orient
those impulses should be more punishable by the government. Judge not lest ye be judged, let ye without sin cast the first stone, treat others how you would wish to be treated. Why not live
Tags: writing

Playing athe the Judge's Bench in Ellicott City, MD
Tags: mike sharp funk hat Godin guitar stage ligh