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Spoof of Nickelback's Rockstar. Enjoy!
Tags: Popstar Rockstar Nickelback Britney Spears Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan parody spoof Justin Timberlake James at War jamesatwar

Please comment and rate!!! Bring Shatner back! Thi
Tags: Star Trek William Shatner Back Captain Kirk Justin Timberlake Sexy Spock Comedy Parody Spoof Bill sexyback James at War jamesatwar

My brother Justin
Tags: boy scream light dark mouth dark

Tags: Portrait

(Justin Salinger, Hitler) and Jay (Robert Boulter, The Long Firm) make up his unlikely gang of robbers. Setting up their alibi, the gang check in for a flight and join in with thousands of England
Tags: Film AcademyDaylight RobberyBritish HeistParis

Quin P
Tags: Quin P Justin Timberlake

My representation of the classic children's fairyt
Tags: justin scary jesus dark art digital photo manipulation sand man drool mechanical drill goggles grunge

My rendition of the childrens classic fairytale, "
Tags: justin scary jesus dark art photo manipulation digital horror blood teeth creepy nails wings metal mouth

stock used to create "The Pneumatic Drone": ht
Tags: justin scary jesus the pneumatic drone creepy blood bone veins bones vein veins deformed digital dark art photo manipulation grungy grunge border decay

made for a friend. it was printed and given to her
Tags: justin scary jesus god godless decending decent moth butterfly insect insects wing wings halo halos spine spinal instrument cello violin strings f hole holes digital dark

the model is a friend of mine. this was printed an
Tags: justin scary jesus obsolete chrysalis blue dark art digital photo manipulation insect wings dragonfly dragon fly halo halos arm mechanical grunge grungy

model is a friend of mine. this was printed and gi
Tags: justin scary jesus mechanical queen spine spinal wires machine skin tear halo halos dark digital art photo manipulation grunge grungy

the lovely model is Voivodess. you can find her at
Tags: justin scary jesus scaryjesus trend set setter trendsetter girl female topless sexy bald shaved stitch stitches face tear torn dark horror macabre digital photo manipulation

lovely model: http://nicklaussestock.deviantart.co
Tags: justin scary jesus scaryjesus moth insect bug butterfly wing wings nails nail finger hair pretty hot attractive sexy female girl woman brick wall blur tear sad cry dark

resources used to create this: http://liek.devi
Tags: justin scary jesus scaryjesus under decay underdecay moth rust fabric tear rot metal wings wing insect butterfly dark macabre digital photo manipulation

lovely lady: http://b-e-c-k-y-stock.deviantart.com
Tags: justin scary jesus broken ballet skirt topless female pretty grunge grungy macabre dark leg prosthetic stitched stitches stitch dirty digital photo manipulation

resources used to make this: head: hilarykeller.
Tags: justin scary jesus scaryjesus mannequin arm torso head pretty decay rot display exhibit rot digital photo manipulation

resources used: http://nv-stock.deviantart.com
Tags: justin avaritia greed seven deadly sins suffocate bag breathe breath blood bleeding bled death die dying choke asphyxiate

my brother justin playing 7th grade basketball
Tags: sports basketball

model is the always amazing xJuliex - http://xstoc
Tags: justin scaryjesus scary jesus inhale julie xjuliex darrell respirator rust rusty breathe breath exhale creepy macabre digital dark photo manipulation