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GOt really bored...It's raining out but too lazy to go anywhere so photo shoot time
Tags: Okay last pic of me

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
!" HA HA HA..I got away....but not in time he yells "next time make sure your on time!!!" I head for home and get back in time to watch my favorite shows and get nice and warm...but before I even get
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
Soldier Within the torpid darkness lays a hopeful soldier. His movements always in great celerity and good judgment. His strength seems to come from the Gods for it shows every time he stands
Tags: poetry short story

This is my first video that I made just for YouTube in a long time. I hope you like it. It's weird singing for a camera instead of in front of live people. I gotta do more of this. It's good practice
Tags: Rascal Flats Why Tina Rose Cover

A poem
it came to being~ Just time to start out it was an ugly worm,munching on a leaf.. you would never stop to even think of looking at it...Yuck... Next it rolls it's self into a silk coon, who really
Tags: S.Staley

Because she don't know where he's been 2. I see a man in a business suit running to place his last bet He kinda reminds me of rat in a cage I wonder if he knows that yet CH
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

This is my cover of Miley Cyrus' new song, When I Look At You. Hope you like it. I YouTubed my first time singing it,then a rehearsal from last night and then this is my final version
Tags: when I look at you miley cyrus

This is the right song this time last time i accidentally uploaded the wrong one
Tags: foam fun mischief punk rock

down silence, caressing the scarred lines of my hips There was a time the Past, Present and the Absolute drew me into the breath of my immortal lover: 'Breathe with me the magic of the Sun
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

I painted this last fall after I was kicked out of my parents home. I think the piece describes how I was feeling at the time
Tags: oil paint

Written by Leah Andreone - A Groban-esque love son
Tags: Adult contemporary easy listening ballad love

not last. So, in the reflection of the lake in the wood, Only lonely shadows, where friends once stood
Tags: poetry creative writing original mine

Said Sometimes Nobody's Right Sometimes Nobody's Wrong You Can Only Hope The Pain Don't Last Too Long I Got On My Bike Headed South Down 75 Said Baby Maybe Its High Time You Kiss My
Tags: bluesrockmusicmp3sblues musicbuck69toledooh

7 Months in the making. The whole team is back with more trickers and a load of new stuff. We've been rigerously filming for the last 2 months to complete this promotional video so viewers can see
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

I wrote this a long time ago with the help of my sister, so credit goes to her as well. I don't even remember the lyrics to it but this came about after listening to the tune of In The End by Linkin
Tags: little sally running on the street original

This is a song about the Anti Christ from the bibl
Tags: MusicRapHip HopHoperevelationLastendtime

This song is about how love can move the heart
Tags: MusicRapHip HopHoperevelationLastendtime

This is a song about my idea of the book of Revela
Tags: MusicRapHip HopHoperevelationLastendtime

This is a shot taken last December from my front porch. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at the time, but now know it is called a 'Fallstreak' or punch hole. Hole punch clouds form from ice crystals
Tags: Fallstreak Hole Weather Sunset Clouds Sky Pe

11"x14" acrylics on arches I complete this pre 9/11 for my wife as a present. Orginal at the time! Last year, I saw this on a window screen of a beat up pick-up. It was upsetting
Tags: acrylic birds