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We haven't been short on beautiful sunsets lately.... This one is @ Round Valley on 7-31-09
Tags: sunset round valley

Tags: easy listening music and poetry have i told you lately

Love is but a rose, delicate in all manners of the
Tags: love feelings

Just looking back to much on my past lately
Tags: Pencil drawing

this was done with ink and charcoal, even a little water color and is on compressed board. Ink is one of my favorites lately. what do you think
Tags: ink drawings

of those it takes death to appreciate life things.this was my favorite until my catalyst though lately too far gone was last recorded and now probably my favorite
Tags: fave

And though this is called an Endanggered Species Carrousel...not all the animals on it are endangered...Hmmm A domestic cat seems to have stowed away...Have they become endangered lately?...LOL
Tags: animalscarouselendangeredcateaglemerry_go_rou

I love to draw, an lately the computer is my medium. Drawing is drawing...sort
Tags: Design/illustration

, play all guitars besides electric, and play trumpet at the beginning. Everything else is MIDI. Here lately, I've been experimenting with the upper regester of my voice. If you listen to my other
Tags: Chris Tomlin Enough God Jesus Christ Christi

I've been playing around with this concept a lot lately
Tags: Parent single parent mom dad love child baby

Tags: R&B

The 2nd song on Cherry drive's new album
Tags: surf-rock rock 'n roll cherry drive band de

Sparrows can mean: eternity, luck, and innocence.
and believed that they caught the souls of those who have passed. Lately Sparrow tattoo seem to be popular with those into Rockabilly and are tattooed on either side of the neck for guys or across
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

rain is all we have lately, so I am working on raindrops
Tags: flower

, and below it all, the name of GOD is sort of scrolling across the sky in some 3-d type of a way, emerging out of that cloud formation! My mind is 'blown', because I've been seeing ALOT of that lately
Tags: clouds God Spirit face sky artistry crown

This is just a random story I wrote a while ago (d
128133.txtDoov, Dube, & Duf-as-Inspector Groove, Duncan, & Duferson-in-The Legend of Dr. WartzenheimerClayton Town was an ordinary town with its ordinary people and ordinary places but lately
Tags: Doov Dube Duf silly stupid funny comic cart

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
but i trust her. Come on girls lets go! yelled ms. Heather. YAY! me and Tiffany said at the same time. We high fived... its weird itslike we r telepathic because we have been doing that a lot lately
Tags: I love you hate you

For some strange reason lately, I've become very lucky to happen by a few different interesting insects outside!!! This is one species among about 4 that I've 'shot' tee hee!!! It's kinda hard
Tags: Spider Jumping Spider Spider in tree Tree

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
you, he said. Charity tensed as she saw his hands drawing toward her (they were more like white talons than hands, especially now). He had been asking this more often lately. He would touch her
Tags: Short Story

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
Believer Monkees Nights in White Satin Moody Blues Brown-Eyed Girl Van Morrison Crazy Love Van Morrison Domino Van Morrison Have I Told You Lately Van Morrison Moondance Van Morrison Joy
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli