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in 3rd place.Not bad for a chair act. Please don't try this at home you might break a leg on the chair. (haha) Enjoy

2 wolves in tribal. This was a fun piece to do.
Tags: wolf tribal leg tattoo sharptattoos howl

. Unfortunately, when we fired for that project, I messed up and turned the kiln up WAY too quickly and my poor turtle lost a leg and half of his shell. The deer, however, lived (yet again). Needless to say
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle

green dress again, showing a little leg action this time
Tags: model

twist layout aerial back hand spring double leg butterfly kick loser lazy vault and a bunch more. Related teams include: LTT, Lavida Street Stunts, Defy Videography by Sean Babas Chris Andersen
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

this is probably my new fav ^-^
Tags: edge window leg sitting building rocks bricks

This little guy is checking out his hurt leg
Tags: legfunnyanimalnaturewildlife

leg movement of emotion
Tags: commercial photography

me in my new skinny jeans!
Tags: skinny jeans legs purple straight leg red modeling

me drawing on myself upside down
Tags: tattoo drawing

Buddha gave me a portrait of a naked lady with no face, I turned her into a pregnant lady reaching for an apple, baby, or bird. Perhaps something else. Buddha did the girls' right leg it looks like
Tags: Eve baby bird apple abstract girl head purp

Bumblebees are social insects that are characterized by black and yellow body hairs, often in bands. The hind leg is completely hairy, and pollen grains are wedged into the hairs for transport
Tags: bee black bumblebees flower flowers garden h

carotene in their diet. Flamingos frequently stand on one leg. The reason for this behavior is not fully known. One common theory is that tucking one leg beneath the body may conserve body heat
Tags: africa beaks bird birds body brine colour feet filter flamingos leg pink shrimp vibrant webbed wonderful

I didn't notice the seagulls handicap until I uploaded the pics from my camera. I was told that baby sharks nab their leg's and feet as they are afloat on the ocean
Tags: seagull beach handicapped

Graphite drawing on 120gsm paper. Size 240mm x 24
Tags: fetish. portrait leg erotica pencil drawing graphite

Well in there infinite wisdom. Taltopia have delet
Tags: nude. erotic. fetish. leg. drawing. pencil. graphite

I know Taltopia have been on a clean up with some
Tags: nude. erotic. erotic. leg. drawing. pencil. boots. leather

lovely lady: http://b-e-c-k-y-stock.deviantart.com
Tags: justin scary jesus broken ballet skirt topless female pretty grunge grungy macabre dark leg prosthetic stitched stitches stitch dirty digital photo manipulation

Class assignment showing the leg muscles. Charcoal and white pencil on kraft paper 18" x 24
Tags: Life class drawing charcoal and color pencil

Class assignment showing the leg muscles. Charcoal and white pencil on kraft paper 18" x 24
Tags: Life class drawing anatomy leg pencil charcoal